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January - March 2001

Final Fantasy X Character Names Confirmed 03.31.01
Baldur's Gate II Expansion to Conclude Saga 03.31.01
Players Receive Chance to Test Diablo II Expansion 03.31.01
Microsoft Announces Plan for Japan 03.30.01
Microsoft and Sega Form Alliance 03.30.01
Final Fantasy X Playable at Tokyo Game Show 03.30.01
Nintendo Slashes Initial GameBoy Advance Shipment 03.30.01
Popolocrois III Details 03.30.01
Super Robot Taisen Released in Japan 03.30.01
Microsoft and NTT Announce 'Strategic Alliance' 03.30.01
Namco Announces Xenosaga 03.29.01
Further Growlanser II Details 03.28.01
More Summoner Music Online 03.28.01
Square Announces TGS 2001 Spring Lineup 03.27.01
Dragon Warrior VII is Almost a Reality 03.26.01
Star Wars Galaxies Update 03.26.01
Diablo II Expansion Update 03.26.01
Dragon Warrior Monsters II Destined for North America 03.23.01
Black Isle Announces Torn at GDC 03.23.01
Further Information on Phantasy Star Online: Version 2 03.21.01
Breath of Fire GBA Details 03.21.01
THQ Releases Summoner PC; RPGamer Contest Winners Announced 03.21.01
THQ Releases Aidyn Chronicles 03.20.01
Enix Reveals Endoneshia Information 03.20.01
Pokémon Stadium 2 Gets Extra Special Cartridge 03.20.01
Storyline Details Revealed for Blue Wing Blitz 03.20.01
Possible PSO Problems Perplex Players, Programmers 03.19.01
AM2 Plans to License Shenmue Development Tools 03.19.01
Fallout Tactics Released 03.17.01
Atlus Announces Growlanser II 03.17.01
Atlus Reveals New RPG in E3 Lineup 03.16.01
Capcom Reveals Breath of Fire For GameBoy Advance 03.16.01
Japanese Blue Wing Blitz Release Date Announced 03.16.01
Square Presents CGI Demonstration 03.15.01
Phantasy Star Online: Take Two 03.15.01
Shenmue 2 Details Revealed 03.13.01
Dragon Quest VII Presented With ACA Award 03.13.01
El Dorado Gate Series to be Cut Short 03.13.01
Momotarou Festival Details 03.11.01
PlayStation Shin Megami Tensei Delayed 03.11.01
Enix Announces Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Release Information 03.11.01
More Details on Square Wonderswan Color Titles 03.09.01
Phantasy Star Online Membership Grows, Append Disc Planned 03.09.01
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Released in Japan 03.09.01
Evergrace 2 Announced 03.09.01
Square Names New Handheld Game Under Development 03.08.01
Tokyo Game Show Lineup Additions and Tournament Details 03.08.01
Fifth Star Wars: Galaxies Race Revealed 03.08.01
Hoshigami is Coming to North America 03.07.01
Nintendo Reveals the Future of Pokémon 03.07.01
Release Details for the Game Boy Advance 03.07.01
Dragon Quest Monsters II Preorders Breaks One Million 03.06.01
El Dorado Gate: Volume 4 Chapter Details 03.06.01
Westwood Announces Sci-Fi MMORPG 03.06.01
Summoner Soundtrack Online 03.05.01
Nintendo Makes Elusive Pokéemon More Available 03.03.01
Square Sells Out 03.01.01
Ambrosia RPG to Utilize Coldstone Engine 03.01.01
Further King's Field IV Gameplay Details 03.01.01
More Star Wars Galaxies Information Revealed, Fourth Race Unveiled 03.01.01
King's Field IV Delayed for Retuning 02.27.01
Eithea Released in Japan 02.27.01
Asheron's Call Sequel Officially Announced 02.26.01
Anarchy Online Details 02.25.01
Neverwinter Nights Multiplatform Development Discussion 02.25.01
More Details on the Final Fantasy II Remake 02.25.01
First Details on Retro's GameCube RPG 02.25.01
Zelda Secrets Hidden in the GameBoy Advance 02.24.01
Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia Information 02.24.01
GDC Nominees Announced 02.23.01
Rhapsody of Zephyr Released in Japan 02.23.01
Miyamoto Teleconference Reveals Zelda for GameCube 02.22.01
Volfoss Released in Japan 02.22.01
Third Star Wars: Galaxies Race Revealed 02.21.01
Final Fantasy II Logo and Package Deal 02.21.01
Ian Curie Talks About Wizardry 8 02.20.01
Interview with Matt Uelmen 02.19.01
Interview with Neverwinter Nights Designer 02.19.01
Grandia Online A Possibility 02.18.01
Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 Shows Its Hand 02.17.01
Square Runs Final Fantasy Music Promotion 02.16.01
Baldur's Gate Comes to PlayStation2 02.16.01
Winkysoft Announces Spirit Machine Rayblade 2 02.14.01
Interview with Nobuo Uematsu 02.14.01
Interview with Sega's Charles Bellfield 02.14.01
Sakura Taisen PS2 Information Disclosed 02.14.01
More Shenmue II Tidbits 02.14.01
Nintendo Changes Gamecube, Game Boy Advance Launch Dates 02.14.01
Mystical Seed of Power Given an Official North American Title 02.14.01
Zelda Commercial Hits Japanese Airwaves 02.13.01
Phantasy Star Online Meets Security Issues 02.13.01
Release Date Set For Fourth Volume of El Dorado's Gate 02.12.01
Interplay Tacks On A .Com 02.12.01
Sega And Square to Team Up on Arcade Title 02.12.01
Pokémon Crystal Coming to North America 02.12.01
Square to Restart Final Fantasy Guidebook Publications 02.11.01
Wonderswan Color Flies In, And Boy, Are Its Arms Tired 02.11.01
More Volfoss Information 02.11.01
Japanese CESA Awards Nominees Announced 02.10.01
New Shenmue II Gameplay Details Revealed 02.09.01
UK Retailers Upset Over Final Fantasy IX Price Tag 02.08.01
Square Posts Losses, Executives 'Resign' 02.08.01
Black Isle Announces Mystery RPG 02.08.01
Popolocrois Story III Delayed Indefinitely 02.08.01
Square Stores to Sell Nintendo Games 02.07.01
Emblem Saga Delayed 02.07.01
Square to Release "Potion" Compilation Album 02.07.01
Paper Mario Released 02.06.01
Sakura Taisen Dreamcast Drops in Price 02.06.01
New Project Majestic Mix Poll 02.05.01
Shadowbane Open Beta Underway 02.05.01
X-Box Trademark Wrangle May Delay Launch 02.05.01
Super Robot Taisen Delayed 02.05.01
The Legend of Zelda: The Mystical Seed Begins to Grow 02.05.01
A Sneak Peek at Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 02.05.01
Yuji Naka Interviewed 02.05.01
Sega to Bring Sakura Taisen to Playstation2 02.04.01
Phantasy Star Online Wins Japanese AMD Award 02.04.01
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Release Date: Take 4 02.03.01
Shenmue 2 Release Date Set 02.03.01
Namco Announces Tales of X 02.01.01
Playonline to Incorporate Custom Language 01.30.01
Nintendo Stonewalls Square 01.30.01
Further Mac/PC Summoner Details Revealed 01.28.01
Diablo II Expansion Receives Name 01.27.01
Final Fantasy X Tidbits 01.26.01
Square Mentions 2002 Plans, Various Final Fantasy News 01.26.01
New Shenmue II Details, Footage 01.26.01
Shadow Hearts Details Discovered 01.25.01
Star Wars Galaxies Q&A 01.25.01
Final Fantasy XI Tidbits 01.24.01
Dragon Quest Monsters II Release Date Changes Yet Again 01.24.01
Final Fantasy Movie Release Date Confirmed 01.24.01
Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Song List Finalized 01.24.01
Magical Vacation Confirmed for North American Release 01.23.01
Interview With Shenmue's Composer 01.23.01
Final Fantasy IX: Piano Collections To Be Released 01.23.01
Coldstone Game Engine Details 01.23.01
Fire Emblem Information Unveiled 01.22.01
Square Unleashes Information Explosion 01.22.01
New Interview with Neverwinter Nights Producer 01.22.01
Shenmue: The Movie Shown in Tokyo 01.22.01
The Future of Final Fantasy 01.21.01
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Delayed 01.20.01
Interview with Final Fantasy X Development Team 01.20.01
Final Fantasy X Delayed 01.19.01
Wild Card Details Finalized 01.19.01
More Zero Tours Information Revealed 01.18.01
Tokyo Game Show 2001 Spring Outlined 01.18.01
First Look at Shenmue 2 01.18.01
Final Fantasy X Web Site Launched 01.18.01
Zero Tours Information Uncovered 01.18.01
New Features for El Dorado Gate 01.18.01
Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Details 01.18.01
Tactics Ogre Gaiden Revealed 01.17.01
Final Fantasy X Staff Revealed 01.17.01
Phantasy Star Online Delayed 01.17.01
Golden Sun Gameplay Details 01.17.01
Interview with Phantasy Star Online Localization Producer Reveals Broadband Answers 01.16.01
Game Boy Advance Pricing And Peripherals Revealed 01.16.01
New Magical Vacation Details 01.16.01
Final Fantasy X Character Named... Again 01.16.01
Vote for Game Boy Advance 01.16.01
Phantasy Star Online Broadband Compatability in Question 01.15.01
Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Delayed 01.14.01
Summoner at Macworld Expo 01.14.01
Microsoft Has High X-pectations 01.13.01
Get Backers Information Retrieved 01.13.01
Sega Offers Fans a Chance to Live the Phantasy 01.13.01
Ambrosia Software's RPG Creation Tools 01.12.01
Final Fantasy X Character Details 01.12.01
Dragon Quest Monsters 2 To Be Revealed At Game Fair 01.12.01
Playstation 2 Modem Revealed, Online Titles Confirmed 01.12.01
Game Boy Advance Colors Unveiled 01.12.01
Continued Phantasy Star Online Problems 01.11.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Interview 01.11.01
Sakura Taisen 3 Special Edition Goodies Revealed 01.10.01
Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Now Available 01.10.01
Camelot Planning Gamecube RPG 01.09.01
Monster Guardians Information Revealed 01.09.01
Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power Linking Explained 01.09.01
Committee Formed to Investigate Violent Videogames 01.08.01
PS2 Modem and Hard Drive Manufacturers Named 01.07.01
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor Producer Interviewed 01.07.01
Two More Final Fantasy X Characters Revealed 01.07.01
Dragon Quest VII Sells Four Million 01.05.01
New Shenmue 2 Character Revealed 01.05.01
Sakura Taisen 3 Release Date Announced 01.05.01
Zelda: Mystical Seed of Power Release Date Set in Japan 01.04.01
Japanese Game Boy Advance Release Schedule Confirmed 01.04.01
Square Chooses Singer for Final Fantasy X Theme; Melody of Legends Announced 01.04.01
Diablo II Characters to be Restored, Demo Released 01.03.01
Sakura Taisen Dreamcast to Feature Anti-Piracy Mechanism 01.03.01
Further Tsugunai Details Emerge 01.03.01
Blade Arts Cancelled for North America 01.03.01
Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Information 01.02.01
Phantasy Star Online Release Moved Forward 01.02.01
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