Sega to Bring Sakura Taisen to PlayStation2

Now that Sega has officially bowed out of the hardware business, they can concentrate on development for other platforms. With this in mind, they announced a number of titles they will be bringing to other systems. Among these titles, one that should be of interest to RPGamers is Sakura Taisen. While it was not specified which game from the trilogy will be ported over to the PlayStation2, Sega has confirmed that one of the three titles in the series, which includes Sakura Taisen, Sakura Taisen 2, and Sakura Taisen 3, which itself has yet to be released. Though which game will be ported is not known, any of the three titles, which feature an intricately woven framework of mech combat and romance, will be a welcome addition to the PlayStation2 library.

Though only a Japanese release is definite, North American fans can take heart, because Working Designs, renowned for its stellar localization of the Lunar series, has expressed interest in the games, indicating they would perhaps like to bring them to North America. Though no definitive announcement has been made, this expression of interest can only be viewed as good news. Sakura Taisen 3, meanwhile, is still on track for a Japanese release on the 22nd of March, for the Dreamcast.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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