Updates in 2015

Session #10: Fresh Start  December, 2015

(1) World of Warcraft: The Movie, (2) Steam's Christmas Nightmare, (3) Fallout 4 and the Christmas Spirit, (4) Problems With Xenobalde Chronicles X

Session #9: Words to Warm You  November, 2015

(1) Annual Rant About Review Subjectivity, (2) Destiny Has a DLC Currency Now, (3) Don't Be Hard on Fallout 4 Glitches, (4) Steam Machines Have Potential, Not Advantage

Session #8: The Chills  September, 2015

(1) Disk-based Games Will Not Be Around Forever, (2) Game Delays are Great, (3) The Trauma of Tony Hawk, (4) Shenmue 3 Highlights Yu Suzuki's Failings

Session #7: Lessons Learned  August, 2015

(1) Boss Design is Important, (2) Deus Ex: Pre-order Devolution, (3) Hideo Kojima's Writing is Postmodern, Not Terrible, (4) Are Notch's Comments Surprising?

Session #6: Tying That Knot  July, 2015

(1) An Open Letter to Capcom, Re: Resident Evil 2, (2) Hustle Hard, Stack Paper; It's Alright, Y'all Haters, (3) Devil's Third Looks like a Hot Mess, and I Want to Play It, (4) Randy Pitchford: The Man Without Humility

Session #5: Mother, We're Earth Bound  June, 2015

(1) The Underwhelming Gears 4, (2) PC Gamers Keep Getting the Shaft, (3) You're a Backer, Not an Investor, (4) Mother 3 Isn't a Pipe Dream

Session #4: Old and Weird  May, 2015

(1) Swatting Hurts All of Us, (2) Publicly Shaming Cheaters?, (3) Duke Nukem isn't Relevant, (4) What is the Vita's Legacy?

Session #3: Better Late Than Never  April, 2015

(1) Konami Being Konami, (2) Why Episode Duscae 2.0 is a Big Deal, (3) Ouya: Barely Hanging On, (4) No One Can Stop the Future of Paid Mods

Session #2: Tissue Your Issues  February, 2015

(1) Dry Your Tears, tri-Ace Fans, (2) Fable Legends and Barely Tolerable F2P, (3) A Realistic Fantasy, (4) Anita Sarkeesian: Let's Treat the Symptoms

Session #1: Type-0  January, 2015

(1) HoloLens , Molyneux, and Irony, (2) Elder Scrolls Online Drops the Ball, (3) The Problem with Video Game Movies, (4) Japan is a Lost Cause for Xbox

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