Updates in 2006

The List,    12.29.06

News covered: PS3/Wii Sales Updates, Gaming Addiction, Buena Vista's New Studio, Thompson's 2007 Battle Plans, Korean News, In-Game Ads, PS3 Torn a New One

Funky Fresh,    12.15.06

News covered: PS3/Wii Sales Updates, Xbox Lawsuit, Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion gets Spiked, TTWO Trouble, GTA Controversy Continued, PSP Viral Marketing, Sony's New Invention, Wii Have New Straps

Good News,    12.08.06

News covered: Apple Games, PS3 Tidbits, Games and the Family, German Legislation, November Sales Figures, Live Content Updates, Nintendo's Wii Woes

Advent Column,    12.01.06

News covered: GTA Controversy, Rule of Rose, Big Three Bickering, Legislation Woes, Wii Sales Figures, Two Game Studies, and Sony's Reshuffle

Applications Accepted,    11.24.06

News covered: Wii Games, PS3 Video Fallout, O'Reilly, Next-Gen Supply, Next-Gen Choices, German School Shooting, Rule of Rose Gets Pricked, GTA: Subway, PS3 Cancer Cures

Trifecta,    11.17.06

News covered: Canadian Gaming Industry, Sex in Games, Games in Playboy, Rules for Rose, and PS3 insanity.

Double-Take,    06.24.06

News covered: Kutaragi Gets Owned, DS Lite Arrives in the Kingdoms United, Louisiana Signs Fair Game Bill into Law, X06 Headed for Espaņa, Nintendo Not Phasing Out Old DS.

Wha?,    06.03.06

News covered: Minnesota Passes Game Bill, PSP Updated to 2.71, 360 Backwards Compatibility to Continue, Alienware Assembling PCs with Blu-ray, Video Games: Olympic Sport?

From GDC With Love,    03.25.06

News covered: GDC - Panel Discusses Digital Delivery; E3 Sells Out Floorspace, Proud of It; Miyamoto Offers More Sweet Nothings On Revolution, Affirms Commitment to Online Gaming; GDC - California Lawmaker Expresses Confidence In VG Bill's Viability; Iwata Blows More Smoke At GDC; GDC - Next-Gen Physics Engines Really Put It In H.

New Beginnings,    02.04.06

News covered: Take2 May Have Taken More Than It Can Handle; Blizzard Hiring for Diablo 1 & 2 Team; Nintendo of Europe Hires New Management; SCEE Founder Joins Codemasters.

Lost,    01.28.06

News covered: Naked Women No Longer Welcome at E3, Still More than Welcome at My House; Video Games Come to the Classroom; Xbox 360 Still Not Making Progress in Japan; Nintendo Reaches New Milestone; Parents Play Games Too.

Two-Thousand Six,    01.14.06

News covered: 2005 Breaks Sales Records, Mature Games Bill Comes to Florida, Front Mission Reaches Milestone, Teachers Support Games in Education, Shanda Closes Office.

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