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July - September 2005

Disgaea 2 Invades Dengeki PlayStation 09.30.05
More Details on Final Fantasy IV GBA Emerge 09.30.05
The Gates of the Netherworld Open 09.30.05
Magna Carta Does a 360 09.30.05
Front Mission 5 USN Bound 09.29.05
Ys Goes DS 09.29.05
How Much is The Blue Mage in the Window? 09.29.05
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Gets Connected 09.28.05
The Netherworld Goes to Hell...Again: Disgaea Sequel Announced 09.28.05
Square Enix Announces Return of Mana 09.28.05
Two DS RPGs Hit Stores 09.27.05
Dragon Quest VIII Demos Available Online 09.27.05
Tales Goes to Europe 09.26.05
A Sorrow Dawning on Nintendo DS 09.24.05
Digital Devil Saga 2 is Dated 09.23.05
Final Fantasy XII Gets Magical 09.23.05
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Skills 09.23.05
Square Enix Queries Europe About Dragon Quest 09.22.05
Dragon Quest VIII Receives Release Date, Final Fantasy XII Demo 09.21.05
Miyamoto Does New York 09.20.05
Suikoden I & II to Stay in Japan 09.20.05
Wild ARMs 4, Shadow Hearts 3 Coming to the New World 09.20.05
World of Warcrafters Bring Out Their Dead 09.20.05
.hack//G.U. Receives Titles and Story Details 09.18.05
Atlus Opens Site, Announces Pre-order Incentive 09.18.05
New Character, Battle System for Tales of the Abyss Revealed 09.18.05
Square Enix Won't Stop at Taito 09.17.05
Untold Legends: Warriors' Code Receives New Details 09.17.05
Androids Construct Xenosaga Website, Divulge Information 09.16.05
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2 to be Localized 09.16.05
Suikoden V Announced For North America 09.16.05
Xbox 360 Receives Dates 09.16.05
Makai Wars Resurrected 09.16.05
Final Fantasy XI Expansion Announced 09.16.05
Konami Makes Suikoden Classics Portable 09.15.05
Kingdom Hearts II Goes Wild 09.15.05
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War Unveiled 09.15.05
Tetsuya Nomura Talks Big 09.15.05
Baten Kaitos II Information Unearthed 09.15.05
Mysterious Youth Joins Vaan and Friends 09.15.05
Final Fantasy IV Warps to the Game Boy Advance 09.14.05
Xenosaga III, Xenosaga I + II, Baten Kaitos 2 Announced 09.14.05
Video Games Live Concert Goes Global 09.13.05
Namco, Bandai Reveal Tokyo Game Show Lineups 09.12.05
Cast of Code Age Commanders Gains New Members 09.10.05
Rogue Galaxy Characters Battle It Out 09.10.05
Advanced Media Network Launches Gamers Relief 09.08.05
Final Fantasy XII Information Unchained in Famitsu 09.08.05
Famitsu Wises Up to Kingdom Hearts II Drive System 09.08.05
Shin Megami Tensei To Debut on PlayStation 3 09.07.05
Radiata Stories Ships 09.06.05
Xenosaga Episode II Receives European Date 09.06.05
New Things at RPGamer 09.04.05
Grandia III Coming to North America? 09.04.05
Rogue Galaxy to Appear at Tokyo Games Show 09.03.05
Tales of the Abyss Character Details Revealed 09.03.05
Square Enix Lines up Lucky Seven for Tokyo Game Show 09.02.05
Konami Reveals Suikoden V 09.02.05
Kitase Discusses Compilation of Final Fantasy VII 09.01.05
Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief 09.01.05
Romancing SaGa Finds American Shores 08.31.05
Ragnarok Online Visits Eiffel Tower, Atomium 08.31.05
Square Enix to Distribute Dragon Quest VIII Demos 08.31.05
Radiata Stories Site Goes Live 08.31.05
World of Warcraft Population Hits New Heights 08.30.05
Pokémon XD Gameplay, European Release Details Snagged 08.30.05
Konami to Show Off RPGs at Tokyo Game Show 08.27.05
Turbine to Shut Down Santa Monica Studio 08.27.05
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Ultimate Box Details Revealed 08.27.05
Asheron's Call 2 to Close 08.27.05
Phantasy Star Combat, Classes, Character Details Revealed 08.26.05
Appleseed MMO in the Works 08.25.05
Rising Force Online Announced 08.25.05
Advent Children Delayed 08.25.05
Exciting Elder Scrolls Elements Exposed 08.23.05
Magna Carta Goes Box Set 08.23.05
Mario and Luigi Go Through Time to See their Release 08.22.05
Fable Goes Gold, Receives Release Date 08.22.05
Frontier Stories Details Unveiled 08.20.05
Tenchi no Mon Coming to North American PSPs 08.20.05
Two Shadow Hearts Albums Announced 08.20.05
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children to Hit Theaters 08.20.05
Code Age Commanders Site Updated 08.19.05
Suikoden Tactics Headed for North America, Europe 08.18.05
Xbox 360 Price, Packages Announced 08.18.05
No Twilight Princess Until After First Quarter 2006 08.17.05
Disgaea Anime Emerges Beneath Moon, Official Website Opens 08.17.05
Wondrous Actress Joins Voice Acting Cast of Oblivion 08.17.05
Castlevania Characters Uncovered 08.17.05
Game Boy Micro Date, Price Announced 08.17.05
More Legendary X-Men Details Unveiled 09.20.05
Worldwide RPG Maker XP Release Announced 08.17.05
The Vana'diel Collection Ships 08.16.05
DS Sees Price Drop 08.16.05
Twilight Princess Delayed 08.16.05
Square Enix Tunes Up for Advent Children 08.15.05
Namco Sets Tales of Legendia Sales Goal 08.13.05
Square Enix Files "The Star Onions" Trademark 08.13.05
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Announced 08.13.05
Aonuma Confirms Role In Revolution Zelda 08.13.05
Exhibitor List and Event Schedule Announced for Tokyo Game Show 2005 08.13.05
Untold Legends Told Again 08.12.05
RPG Maker 3 Gets Shiny 08.11.05
Atelier Iris for Europeans 08.11.05
Mario & Luigi Make Like Crono 08.10.05
Massive Pokémon Details Captured 08.10.05
Dragon Quest VIII Receives a Home 08.10.05
Radiata Kingdom Opens its Gates 08.08.05
Riviera Receives Another Shipment 08.07.05
Tales of Legendia Pre-Order and Character Details Revealed 08.06.05
Square Enix Pondering Multiplatform Support 08.06.05
Tales of the Abyss Details Emerge 08.06.05
Tales of the Abyss Website Launches 08.06.05
Mistwalker Expands Site 08.04.05
New Rogue Galaxy Details Revealed 08.04.05
A Cold Chill Blows Through California 08.03.05
The Mana Tree Has Opened 08.02.05
Matsuno Bows Out of Final Fantasy XII Roles 08.01.05
Characters Arise from Abyss 08.01.05
The Mana Tree Expands, Goes Multiplatform 07.31.05
Final Fantasy XII Theme Song Revealed 07.30.05
Advent Children to Premiere on Silver Screen 07.30.05
Square Enix Continues Grandia III Site Updates 07.29.05
New Area of Kingdom Hearts II 07.29.05
Japanese Final Fantasy XII Release Date Disclosed 07.29.05
New Grandia III Details Unveiled 07.29.05
Final Fantasy XI 360 at German Games Conference 07.29.05
New Tales Title Unveiled 07.28.05
Utada Hikaru Sings Her Heart Out for Kingdom Hearts II 07.28.05
Dirge is Sung, Characters, Multiplayer Unveiled 07.27.05
Code Age Starts Brawl, Reveals Story 07.27.05
Makai Kingdom Announced for Europe 07.27.05
Makai Kingdom Ships Out 07.27.05
The Lord of the Rings Invades PSP 07.26.05
Three New RPGs Unveiled at Xbox Summit 07.25.05
Big Bosses Disclosed, Make Soma Sad 07.25.05
Enchanting [eM] Details Disclosed 07.25.05
More Lunar: Dragon Song Details Revealed 07.25.05
Grandia III Holy Beast Details Announced 07.25.05
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Back to Venice 07.24.05
Devil Summoner Remake Receives Site 07.23.05
New Character Details Unveiled 07.23.05
Shining a Light on a Sorrowful Interview 07.23.05
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance on Track for October 07.22.05
Square Enix Trademarks "Scars of the War" 07.22.05
Webzen Takes PS3 into MMORPG Territory 07.22.05
Developer Delivers Delicious Dofus Details 07.22.05
Gothic III to Finally See the Light of Day 07.22.05
Rogue Galaxy Site Opened 07.21.05
Square Enix Trademarks "Treasures of Aht Urhgan" 07.21.05
New Final Fantasy XII Characters, Summons Detailed 07.20.05
Devil Summoner for PSP Unveiled 07.20.05
New Level 5 RPG Unveiled 07.20.05
October to Usher in Code Age 07.20.05
Dungeon Siege II Receives Release Date 07.19.05
New Grandia III Character Details Emerge 07.18.05
Interview Reveals Dungeon Siege II Info 07.18.05
Look Ma, A Guide 07.18.05
Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Gets Website, Trailers 07.18.05
Square Enix Prepares Radiata Stories for North America 07.18.05
Legendia Characters Gain Diaries, Transportation 07.16.05
Marvel Xbox 360 MMORPG Announced 07.15.05
Grandia III Reloaded 07.15.05
Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey Featured on North American Xbox 360 Site 07.14.05
Bandai Unveils The Legend of Heroes 07.14.05
Mythic Offers Free Ride Back to Camelot 07.14.05
Bandai Announces New RPG 07.14.05
Imperator Impeded 07.14.05
A Crimson Colored Elixir Has Been Cursed 07.13.05
Monsters Are Prime For Ranching Again 07.13.05
Atelier Iris Mini Strategy Guide Unveiled 07.13.05
Legendia Battle Tidbits 07.12.05
Pokémon Ranger announced, new Pokémon Diamond/Pearl information revealed 07.11.05
Pokémon XD Pre-orders to come with Pokéloot 07.11.05
Dungeon Siege II: Now with Gameplay 07.11.05
Magna Carta: Tears of Blood goes EuroTrip Style 07.11.05
X-perience New Mutants 07.10.05
Kuzunoha Raidou Summoned to Life 07.09.05
New World, New Abilities, New Combo Specifics Revealed 07.09.05
Symbols Invade Legendia 07.09.05
Fable: The Lost Chapters to be Released on Xbox 07.08.05
Justice League of America RPG Rockets into Production 07.07.05
Post-E3 Spotlight: Hero's Journey 07.07.05
New MegaTen Title Summoned to PS2 07.07.05
Neverwinter Nights: Pirates of the Sword Coast Characters Introduced 07.06.05
English Phantasy Star Universe Site Opens its Doors 07.06.05
Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XI Arrangement Album 07.06.05
Final Fantasy III DS Raises Bar 07.05.05
Xenosaga II Slated for Europe 07.04.05
Code Age Commanders Comes to Life 07.04.05
Ubisoft Officially Announces Dragon Song for North America 07.01.05
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga II 09.26.05
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness 09.21.05
Wild ARMs: Alter Code F 09.21.05
RPG Maker XP 09.13.05
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse 09.12.05
The Witcher 08.28.05
PopoloCrois 08.07.05
Radiata Stories 08.05.05
Irth Online 07.31.05
Dungeon Siege II 07.27.05
Sigma Star Saga 07.22.05
Lunar: Dragon Song 07.15.05
Graffiti Kingdom 07.14.05
Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome 07.09.05
Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir 07.06.05

Mr. Sparkle 09.26.05
Tsukimi 09.19.05
Shinigami 09.12.05
Typhoon 09.05.05
Tadaima 08.29.05
The Killer Japanese Seizure Robots 08.02.05
Mt. Fuji 07.25.05
Katamari 07.11.05
4th of July 07.04.05

A Night at St. Rahab's 09.24.05
The 20th Century Was Entirely Mine 09.18.05
Renegade DJ 09.10.05
Drive By 08.13.05
Failure 08.06.05
Reggae Death Squad Reunion Tour 07.30.05
Pimp My Column 07.22.05
What I Got 07.16.05
40 07.09.05
Ill Eagle Fireworks 07.01.05

Comrades 09.24.05
XX 09.10.05
Agnus Dei 09.03.05
It Takes a Road to Go Nowhere 08.06.05
A Rusty Crowbar to the Loins 07.30.05
For Adults Only 07.23.05
Ultimate Destruction 07.16.05
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. 07.09.05
¿Donde Estan mis Pantalones? 07.02.05









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