Volume 1 Archive

#8 Owning Ishgard 03.29.17
Coverage: Final Fantasy XIV: The Art of Ishgard — Stone and Steel Review, Final Fantasy XIV: The Art of Ishgard — Scars of War Review, Final Fantasy XIV Minion Figures: Ifrit and Garuda

#7 Chronicling the Legend 02.10.16
Coverage: The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki The Art Book Review, Valkyria Chronicles Design Archive/Artworks Review

#6 Killin' Mages 01.16.16
Coverage: Dragon Age: Mage Killer #1 Review

#5 Graphic Content 07.03.15
Coverage: FFXIV: Art of Eorzea Art Book Review, Pathfinder: Vol. 3 City of Secrets Review, D&D: Legends of Baldur's Gate Vol. 1 Review

#4 Easy Lover 08.19.14
Coverage: Ys: The Art Book Review, Geek's Guide to Dating Review, XCOM: The Board Game

#3 CDPR & GOG Summer Wrap-Up 06.30.14
Coverage: The Witcher Adventure Game, GOG Galaxy, Geralt VS Gryphon

Feature Special Feature: Fictional Roleplaying 04.17.14
Coverage: Sam Marchello looks at seven novels that are inspired by roleplaying games or use roleplaying games as a catalyst to push a story forward.

#2 Foundations 03.25.14
Coverage: Mass Effect: Foundation Vol. 1 Review, WoW: War Crimes, Udon Artbooks, Reading List

#1 Elementary 09.13.13
Coverage: D-Arts Elizabeth, Diablo 3: Storm of Light, BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, Warcraft Trivial Pursuit

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