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RPGamer Site Launch Set for End of April



It has taken a couple of months longer than initially hoped, but we are happy to announce a firm release date for RPGamer's new website. The switchover will take place on the weekend of April 27, 2018, with the few days after that day reserved for dealing with any issues that we expect to crop up. This date is subject to change if there any unforeseen circumstances, however.

As previously detailed, the wholesale changes to the new website means that we will not be directly carrying over any of the existing RPGamer content. However, our aim is to have the new site populated with all of the written content (news, reviews, etc.) posted on RPGamer in 2018, and we plan to keep everything on the old site available at (and have set up the new site so that old links to should redirect to the archive site once it becomes available). Please note that is expected that the archive site will not be available immediately, and is instead likely to appear a few days after the site relaunch.

The new website will see a change in how users go about commenting on news stories and how the forums are used. Commenting will now be done on the articles directly, with readers who wish to comment signing up for an account on the site itself. This account will also provide access to the forums, which we are keeping open for wider discussions on certain topics, features, and games, as well as community efforts such as the annual Completed Games Lists. Existing forum users will want to check the dedicated thread for more information and if they have any queries regarding the link between new RPGamer and old forum accounts.

We will be on the lookout for more volunteer writers to add to our team, particularly on the news update and reviewer side of things, and will provide details on how to apply when the new site launches. RPGamer has always had a dedicated staff catering to RPGs of all tastes and we very much look forward to welcoming new members to the family.


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