Jan 3, 2016
Killin' Mages

Hey there. RPG Elements is back...maybe. It's up on the air as to staff participation and material availability. But I got a review copy of a Dragon Age comic, so I have to post a review somewhere. This seems like a venue, let's roll with that for now..

With that said, on to the story!

Do you know why comics publishers don't complain about the people waiting for the trades the way network television executives complain about streaming service binge watchers or game devs whining about Steam Sales cutting into their bottom lines? It's because comics have made the binge reader a pillar of their business model. First issues don't really matter in the way they used to — the first six are king because they can let things stew that long to hook readers on buying the trade. This is certainly the case with Dragon Age: Magekiller, Issue #1.

With comics rock star Greg Rucka as writer, pencils by Carmen Carnero, inks by Terry Pallot, colours by Michael Atiyeh and a cover from Sachin Teng on the crew for an entirely new adventure in Thedas. We meet our main cast; a pair of mercenary Mage killers, Marius and Tessa, learn the working dynamic (one is a smart mouthed street kid the other is a better version of Fenris from DA2, she snarks - he is grim.) They kill a mage over some philosophical narration, then they set up a new contract, but then the guy they contracted with is a front working for the grand high supreme mugwup of Tevinter and that is the issue.

It's not bad, but it's very clear that this is a first chapter. I like the first chapter, but I like a more full experience than this issue has to offer.

The art does the astonishingly good job of telling this story, conveying its action while hitting the feel and specific look of Dragon Age without the benefit of a source game to draw from for these locations. Characters are expressive, but limited by their characterization, Tevinter jerks are sneering and detestable, Marius is dour, Tess gets to show off at least three emotions and the artists let her face wear them well. But there's isn't much content to really evaluate.

Verdict: Get it. Because the possibility and potential of this story is more interesting than not.

Publisher: Dark Horse
Pages: 24, Color
Price: $3.99

That's it for this installment. Maybe there will be more in the future, but until then, let us know in the comments what cool RPG related merchandise or books you have been spending your time with and money on lately.

Until next time!

Scott Wachter

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