Updates in 2005

Curtain Call,    12.14.05

News covered: PlayStation 3 Release Date Causes Format Issues?; Merrick on the Move Once Again; Sega and Red Move On; The House that Square, Enix, and Taito Built; Microsoft Sees Poor Japanese Launch.

Between Billys,    12.03.05

News covered: Some Xbox 360 Units Defective, Victory in the Land of Lincoln, Korean Soldier/Gamer Receives Death Sentence, Senators Announce Federal Gaming Legislation, Movie Stars Lobby Nintendo for U.N. Game.

The Launch Edition,    11.26.05

News covered: Ten Million Xbox 360s Shipped By Next Year, Australian 360 Launch Revealed, Microsoft is Aware of Shortages, Armed 360 Robbery, Ebay 360.

Too Drunk and Still Drinking,    11.19.05

News covered: Child's Play to Host Auction Dinner, Judge to Soon Decide Fate of Illinois Gaming Bill, Study: Gaming Can Lead to Addiction, Best Buy Takes Action Against Corporate Leaks, Nintendo Wi-Fi Service Hits Bumps, Germany May Ban Violent Games.

The Church of Video Games,    11.12.05

News covered: Sony Patents New Technology, ESA Gets Victory Against Violent Games Bill, PS3 Not Likely to be Region Coded, Revolution to be Cheapest Next-Gen Console, Sony Reaches Settlement in Lawsuit, Nintendo Launches Wi-Fi Website.

Saint Elliot,    11.05.05

News covered: Dragon Quest VIII Wins Award, Jack Thompson Attacks Japan, Nintendo to Keep Revolution Specs Under Wraps, Australian Politician Fights to Remove Game Ban, Level 5 Gets Capital.

Fall Forward,    10.29.05

News covered: Epic Vice President Rips Nintendo a New One, Developers Unhappy with PS3?, Florida Jumps on Game-Banning Bandwagon, PS3 to Run Games at 120 FPS, Wal-Mart Takes Down Xbox 360 Kiosks, Revolution to See Simultaneous Global Release.

Silver Lining,    10.22.05

News covered: Square Enix Makes Forbes' List, Sega Buys TMS, Xbox Live to Close Temporarily, Sony Rewards Student Programmers, Wal-Mart to Set Up Xbox 360 Kiosks, 3rd Party Developer Releases PSP Hard Drive, Game Arts Bought Out, Walk of Game Taking Votes.

Assault and Battery,    10.15.05

News covered: Namco Creates New Subsidiary, Pro-Family Institute Attacks Jack Thompson, PSP Firmware Updated to 2.5, GameStop + EB = Unemployment, Nintendo DS Gets Venereal Disease, Jack Thompson Fires Back.

Torta Di Cioccolato Tedesca,    10.08.05

News covered: Nintendo Makes Wireless a Little Easier, California Gaming Bill Signed into Law, PSP Catches Cold, GameStop-EB Merger Finalized, Sub-Par Holiday Game Sales Predicted, Pokémon Reaches New Heights.

Chronic Geostigma,    10.01.05

News covered: PlayStation Wins Emmy; Square Enix to Focus on Mobile, Online Games; Eidos Gives Former Creative Director New Direction; Screen Actors Guild Gets New Face; Sony Angers God?; GameStop One Step Closer to Acquisition.

Comrades,    09.24.05

News covered: Sony Cuts Its Losses, Ubisoft Faces Possible Takeover, GB Micro Makes Big Numbers in Japan, Square Enix Finalizes Taito Takeover, Sony: PS3 Confirmed for Spring '06, EB Sells Out of 360 Pre-Orders.

XX,    09.10.05

News covered: Microsoft Reaches Out to Women, August Sees No Industry Growth, Former World of Warcraft Staff to Develop New MMO, Sony and IGN Buddy-Up, Gaming Bill Passes in CA Legislature.

Agnus Dei,    09.03.05

News covered: Blizzard: 1, Hackers: 0; HD-DVD Launch Delay Possible; PSP Sales High in Europe, Oceana; Mountain Dew Helps Promote 360; Former EA Staff Start New Studio; Square Enix Puts Moves on Taito.

It Takes a Road to Go Nowhere,    08.06.05

News covered: Britain Jails Pirates, China Restrics Minors from Violent Games, Midway Acquires Ratbag, Atari May Delist from Nasdaq, Midway Takes a Hit.

A Rusty Crowbar to the Loins,    07.30.05

News covered: 'Site Down' Arrests Eight, Activision and Marvel to Make Babies, SAG Signs Voice Acting Deal, COLLADA Approved as Standard, Sony Ups PS2/PSP Shipments.

For Adults Only,    07.23.05

News covered: Blizzard Thinks Portable, June Sales Results Show Overall Decline, Sakaguchi's Games Won't Appear at TGS, PSP Sales Data Released, Glimpse of Future, Sony Wins Lawsuit.

Ultimate Destruction,    07.16.05

News covered: EA Developing Next-Gen Title in Japan, Microsoft Announces X05, Playstation 3 Won't be a Router, Horii Speaks on RPGs, and Japanese Sales up Since NES Era.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.,    07.09.05

News covered: Xbox E3 2005?, Sega Has a Secret, Sony Plays Musical Chairs, Taito Profits Down, Square Enix Shares With Their Holders, as well as a Couple Shorts.

Donde están mis pantalones?,    07.02.05

News covered: SAG to Vote Again, Uwe Boll Working on Dungeon Siege Film, Playstation 3 Gets Possible Pricing but No Hard Drive, FBI Cracks Down on Piracy, Gust Breaks into North American Market.

Fly Me to the Moon,    06.25.05

News covered: PSP Importers Sued, SAG Backs Out of Agreement, Anti-Piracy Campaign Failing, PSP Production Reduced?, PS3 More Powerful than E3 Demo, Online Entertainment See Huge Growth.

Calm Before the Storm,    06.16.05

News covered: BioWare Now Hiring, Xbox 360 = Jukebox?, Atari Takes Hit, Walks it Off, Hasbro Gets Back Old Properties, Square Enix Producer Joins AquaPlus, Namco and Bandai Aim High.

Milestone,    06.10.05

News covered: Atari CEO Quits, PS3 HDD to Include Linux, Voice Actors Get Raise, Microsoft Expects 360 Shortage, Lost Odyssey Development Studio Details, Hori Products Coming Westward, 360 to Offer Downloadable Games.

Crushed by an Anvil,    06.04.05

News covered: Miyamoto: Games are Too Long, PS2 Reaches 90 Million Mark, IL Game Bill Advances, Ubi Soft Opens New Office, PSP Game Sales Drop, Louisiana Senate Passes Game Bill
Close-Up: Video Game Piracy

Turpentine Jubilee,    05.28.05

News covered: Capcom, Nickelodeon to Bring Games to the Road, Turbine to Publish D&D Online in Asia, Funcom to Distribute Software Online, ESRB Study, Lawsuit Against Gravity.

Live From Los Angeles,    05.17.05

News covered: Blockbuster to Rent PSP Games, Nintendo World Opens, Joytech Joins with Microsoft, Blizzard Acquires Swingin' Ape Studios, ISM Acquires BizDev, BlueSphere to Work on Discworld.

A Jet All the Way,    05.09.05

News covered: Xbox 360 Release Date, California Votes on Game Bill, Activision Profits Soar, EA Hunts for Female Game Designers, Nokia Employee Goes to LucasArts, Turbine Secures Funding.

Phenomenalism,    04.30.05

News covered: Yamauchi Quits, Korean PSP Orders Halted, NC Stiffens Sale of Mature Games, Nintendo Signs with Broadcom, Xbox Losses Decrease, Namco Sells Movie Subsidiary.
Close-Up: Yasunori Mitsuda

For Grandparents,    04.20.05

News covered: EB-GameStop Merger, Games Losing Voice Actors, Eidos Buy-Out Winds Down, Nintendo Gets Low Sales, Disney Acquires Avalanche, Games Sell Well in March.

Nightingale,    04.13.05

News covered: PSP Sales, Nintendo Store Opens, Video Game Study, Eidos Buyout Update, Untold Legends Sells, Sony Patents Technology, Konami Absorbs Hudson.

Stolen Championship,    04.05.05

News covered: PS3 Conference Canceled, Iwata Gives Revolution Specs, Midway Signs with WB, Capcom Sales Data, Konami Mobile in China, EA Lawsuit.

Come One, Come All,    03.29.05

News covered: Marvel Lawsuit, Eidos Buy-Out, GAAC, EA Stock, Xbox Shortage, Sony Lawsuit.
Close-Up: Shigeru Miyamoto

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