Phenomenalism April 30, 2005

Front Page

Recognize this page? It's been a while, hasn't it? Yes, this is the page you'll see once a month whenever the Close-Up feature is present. Actually, don't get used to it; RPGamer site designer Jeff Walker has promised a shiny new cover page for the once-a-month special issues. Expect to see that soon and bask in all its glory.

Yes, I know Currents is disgustingly late this week. I'd apologize for it here, but I'll go on and on about it in the Front Page section of the actual column; you can go and read about all of my excuses there. This part is reserved for bragging about how great this week's issue is. So, this week's issue is truly amazing. We have a lot of great industry news in the column and, of course, the extensive Close-Up on the life and work of composer Yasunori Mitsuda. You've got some great reading ahead of you, so get a move on.

News Column

This week, read about Sony ending the PSP preorder campaign in Korea, states that are banning the sale of mature games to minors, Xboxes selling better, and oh-so much more.

Currents - Close-Up
Yasunori Mitsuda

As if this part even needs any sort of preview blurb--it's the Yasunori Mitsuda Close-Up feature I've been hooting and hollering about. This is what you decided you wanted to read about all those weeks ago. Well you've got what you asked for.

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