Updates in 2008

Homecoming,    12.20.08

News covered: PlayStation Home Opens its Doors, Club Nintendo is Live, DSiWare's Christmas Debut, QUICKIES

Back to Work,    12.08.08

News covered: Midway's Downward Spiral, Improved Xbox 360s, QUICKIES

Let's Be Thankful,    11.26.08

News covered: Most Compulsive Gamers are "Not Addicts", Video Game Ban As Punishment, Consoles Waste a Lot of Energy, QUICKIES

Which Do You Want First?,    11.18.08

News covered: New ESRB Rating Summaries, Somali Pirates Raiding Gaming Shipments To the West, Chinese Killer Blames His Gaming Addiction, QUICKIES

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,    11.07.08

News covered: Japanese DSi Launch a Success, Major Industry Lay-offs, California Game Law Heading to Supreme Court?, Circuit City's Financial Crisis, Gamers are Green and Buy More Than They Can Play, QUICKIES

Yesterday's Tomorrow,    10.27.08

News covered: E3 2009: Back in Fine Form, LittleBig Controversy, Obama Gets in the Game, The PSP-3000: Great Sales and a Few Screen Problems, QUICKIES

Sink or Swim,    10.17.08

News covered: Nintendo's New Baby: DSi News Round Up, New Experience Coming Late November Along With Storage Solutions, PSN on Your PSP: Firmware V 5.00, QUICKIES

Fond Farewells,    8.22.08

News covered: Sad Story: Too Human Aggregate Ranking Below 70%, Final Fantasy XIII Demo Over Two Hours Long, 360 Outsells PS3 for a Week in Japan, GameStop Sees Record Second Quarter Sales, GC 2008: Sony Releasing Yet Another PS3 SKU, GC 2008: Sony Announces PSP-3000, GC 2008: Microsoft to Release Enhanced Xbox 360 Controller, IMAGE OF THE WEEK, QUICKIES

Ham and Cheese,    8.08.08

News covered: Grand Theft Auto IV Controversy in Thailand, Tales of Vesperia Collector's Edition Announced, RUMOR: "Real" Xbox 360 Price Cuts on the Way?, Mass Effect DS on the Way? Diablo III Art Director Quits, QUICKIES

The 'Net's a Funny Place,    8.01.08

News covered: Sony Releases Q1 2008 Results, Square Enix Releases Q1 2008 Results, Peter Molyneux Plans 3, 4, 5 Fables, Yoichi Wada Interview, 55 Companies Battle Piracy in Japan, QUICKIES

The Rest of the Story,    7.25.08

News covered: E3 2008: The Aftermath, Iwata: Wii Shortages May Continue, ESA: 40% of Gamers are Female, RUMOR: PSP Hardware Update in the Works, GameCube, Classic Controllers Facing Ban, QUICKIES

The E3 2008 Edition,    7.18.08

News covered: Yoshinori Kitase, Shinji Hashimoto Talk FFXIII, PlayStation 3 Version of FFXIII to be Completed First, Kim, Tretton React to FFXIII News, Microsoft Releasing New Xbox 360 SKU, Slashing Price on Pro, Microsoft Reveals new Xbox 360 Dashboard, Sony Announces New PS3 SKU, PS2 and PSP Bundles, Sony Introduces PS3 Video Download Service, Nintendo Unveils "Wii MotionPlus", June NPD Numbers Released, Wii Becomes Console Leader in North America, Xbox Division Reports Profitable Year, IMAGE OF THE WEEK, QUICKIES

I See WoW,    7.03.08

News covered: Diablo Fans Petition Blizzard, PS3 Firmware Update 2.40 Arrives (And Quickly Leaves), Dissidia: Final Fantasy Details Surface, Infinite Undiscovery Boxart, QUICKIES

A Thousand Curses,    6.26.08

News covered: Sony Lost $3 Billion Due to PS3 Pricing, Majestic Claims Innocence in Limbo of the Lost Controversy, Square Enix to Release PS Classics on PSN, New York Senate Passes Game Bill, QUICKIES

Demon Helicopters,    6.19.08

News covered: Tecmo Gets So Sued, Nintendo Working on Limited Wii Storage... Maybe, Our Weekly Jack Thompson Update, Square Enix Throws a Party, Shuhei Yoshida Speaks, QUICKIES

Sincere Apologies,    6.12.08

News covered: Naught but a sincere apology from your host.

Would You Kindly?,    6.05.08

News covered: Tomonobu Itagaki Suing Tecmo, Qore Service Coming to PS3, Thompson Continues His Descent, ESA, ECA Exchange Verbal Blows, QUICKIES

Jacky is Whacky,    5.28.08

News covered: Square Enix Reports Fiscal '07 Results, Capcom Pines After Hollywood, Ubisoft Reports 2007 Earnings, ASH Rated by ESRB, Thompson Loses His Marbles (Again), QUICKIES

Overworked and Underpaid,    5.21.08

News covered: April NPD Numbers, LucasArts Exits the ESA, Thompson Found Guilty of 27 Misconduct Charges, QUICKIES

Far From Home,    5.14.08

News covered: Gore Verbinski to Direct BioShock Film, Sales of Mature Games to Minors Decrease, EA Reports Q4 Results, Grand Theft Auto IV Breaks Guinness World Record, Sony Reports Q4 Results, Xbox 360 Sells 10 Million in North America, QUICKIES

Losers, One and All,    5.08.08

News covered: Glenn Beck Calls Me a Loser, Microsoft Backs Off Yahoo Bid, Take-Two Sues Chicago Transit Authority, Grand Theft Auto IV Sells Big in the UK, Grand Theft Auto IV Sells Bigger in North America, Kaz Hirai Apologizes for PS3's First Year, Videogame Legislation Proposed in Congress, QUICKIES

Evidence of Grand Theft,    5.02.08

News covered: Grand Theft Auto IV is Here, Along With Obligatory Controversies, PS3 Version of Grand Theft Auto IV Runs at 630P, Grand Theft Auto IV is Freezing Up, Barack Obama on Grand Theft Auto IV, Jack Thompson is a Fan of Grand Theft Auto IV, New Prince of Persia on the Way, Nintendo Defends Their Online Service, QUICKIES

Distant Laughter,    4.15.08

News covered: Resident Evil 5 Stirs Controversy, Videogames Blamed for Another Violent Crime, Console Versions of CryEngine 2 Discussed, Rumors of a DS Redesign, A Possible PS3 Failure, New Castlevania Announed? QUICKIES

Dancing on the Edge of Insanity,    4.01.08

News covered: Sony Unveils Next-Gen Console, New Xbox 360 Hardware Woes, Miyamoto Responds to Ohio Man's Famicom Sale, We Can't Keep Thompson Down, GameSpot Goes Belly-Up

50-Pound Chocolate Barrel,    3.25.08

News covered: Thompson Defeated, The Trial of Jack Thompson, Rumblings of a Mass Effect Sequel, Blu-ray Players Under Investigation, Famicom Signed by Miyamoto on Ebay, GameStop Looks to the Future, QUICKIES

Let's Brawl,    3.13.08

News covered: The Jack Thompson Files, Ziff Davis Media Files Bankruptcy, Ex-ESRB Employee Talks, Super Smash Bros. Issues, QUICKIES, Back Page

This Disc is Unreadable,    3.04.08

News covered: GDC Contemplations, Analysts Predict Nice Things, Take-Two Takeover Saga, DS Screen Manufacturers Under Investigation, NUMB3R CRUNCH1NG, QUICKIES, IMAGE(S) OF THE WEEK

Chattering Head,    2.20.08

News covered: Thompson Does His Thing, HD-DVD Finally Dead, Microsoft Responds to HD-DVD Rumors, A New Way to Xbox?, NUMB3R CRUNCH1NG, Quickies

Relative Calm,    2.13.08

News covered: Interactive Achievement Awards, Discussions from D.I.C.E, Videogames Besmirched on Television Again, Arcades in Jeopardy, Videogame Controversy in China, Concerning the Volume of Mature Games, Quickies

From Chaos, a Column,    1.30.08

News covered: The Mass Effect Controversy Goes On, Thompson Throws A Curve, Squeenix Tantalizes Us, Rumors of a New PS3 Abound, the Manhunt 2 Controversy Nears Completion, Randoms!

Stagnation,    1.22.08

News covered: PTC Threatens the ESRB, Mass Effect Gets Smeared, Christian Videogames Discussed, NPD Gives Comprehensive 2007 report, PS3 sells well in Europe, Randoms!

Back to the Old Grind,    1.16.08

News covered: GameStop Has a Merry Christmas, GameSpot Loses Another Man, Musings of a "Universal Console", Sony Cuts Their Losses, Yoichi Wada Interviewed, Videogame Writers Recognized, ESA Makes Their Voice Heard, NUMB3R CRUNCH1NG, Randoms!

Back to Form,    1.09.08

News covered: GameSpot Loses Another Man, HD-DVD Takes a Blow, Microsoft Faces Lawsuit, Nintendo Trashes DS Game Downloads, Square Enix President Speaks of Expansion, Blu-ray Plays on PSP, Number Crunching, Randoms!

Brand New Day,    1.02.08

News covered: Jack Thompson Goes After Defense Department, Jack Thompson Goes After Omaha Police Chief, DS Receives Downloadable Games, a Random!

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