Updates in 2007

Threadbare,    12.25.07

News covered: PSP Picks Up Steam, Wisconsin Senator Plans to Tax Games, Hillary Plans to Regulate Games, a Random!

Safety and Peace,    12.18.07

News covered: Wii Surpasses GameCube, Greenpeace strikes again, Nintendo Addresses Wii Shortages, DS Sells Every Five Seconds, E3 Returns to the LACC, Nintendo's Third-Party Woes, Randoms!

Purchasing Public Opinion,    12.11.07

News covered: Gerstmann-gate, Eidos' Lies, Senators Demand Game Videos, Politicians Join ESRB, Randoms!

Sleep Deprivation,    12.05.07

News covered: Greenpeace Flunks Nintendo, New Life for the PS3, Senators Attack the Wii, Game Violence Linked to Behavior, Dragon Quest IV DS Sells Big, Randoms!

Untitled,    09.09.07

News covered: PSP's Pandora Battery, Sony European Woes, New Microsoft Chips, N(intendo)PD Update, Randoms!

Clarity,    08.17.07

News covered: Warhawk Servers, Month of Metroid, Sony's Silly Marketing Schemes, Xbox Holiday Rumors, Randoms!

Little Wing,    08.10.07

News covered: Halo Pre-Sales and Slurpees, Wii Firmware Update, Sony's New 80GB Gorilla, Modchip and Legislation Woes

[return],    08.02.07

News covered: Nintendo Updates, Microsoft Rumors, PSP Lite, PS3 Trickery, Peter Moore Switcheroo

Post Celebration: Lucky Sevens,    07.07.07

News covered: Sony's Huge News & Australian Success, Microsoft's Red Ring Warranty, E3: Bringing It Home, THQ Whoas, Atari Ohnoz!

Lo-Fi Edition,    06.30.07

News covered: NY Game Bills, Game Addiction, Sony's Release Plans, Nintendo's Stock Surprise, WiiWare, Manhunt 2 Out The Wazoo

Triumphant Return,    06.20.07

News covered: More Nintendo Woes, Microsoft's Future Price Cuts, Sony's Cuts and Gains, Manhunt 2, Cathedral Drama

En Memoriam,    05.30.07

News covered: Nintendo Vs. The World, Sony's Korean Drama, The Square-Enix Report, E3 Update and Recap, Randoms!

Mirrored,    05.24.07

News covered: Nintendo's NPD Success, PC World's Top 100, Microsoft Modders, PS3 80GB, Sony Stocks Up, ESRB Changes Galore!

The Prelude,    05.19.07

News covered: Industry Costs Rising, Sony's Plans, DS Dominance, Squeenix Party!, Are Magazines Done For?, Level Designer Weighs In On Texas, Profits and Revenues

This Ship, It Is A Sailin',    05.09.07

News covered: Microsoft's Ups and Downs, Sony's Future, Nintendo's Woes, Industry Shifts, Texas Counter-Strike Fiasco, Iran Making Games, ESRB Reports

Rise From Your Grave!,    05.02.07

News covered: Nintendo Soars To Victory, Pokemans, XBOX Elite, Kutaragi Says Sayonara, PSP Pricing, Square and FFXIII, Jack Thompson and Take Two / Virginia Tech, March NPD

The Shuffle,    01.29.07

News covered: PS3 Goes to PAL, Sony/Bandai-Namco Cooperation, Even More Laws, His Holiness, Sony/Microsoft Sales Figures, Console Updates

The Worm,    01.19.07

News covered: PS3 Debate, Water Death, More Jack Thompson Laws, German FFVII Controversy, Xbox Market Spread

Wind Chill,    01.12.07

News covered: Real NPD Data, PS3 Gets Burned, More Legislation, Game Science, Games on Zune, Patent Bending

Shin Cup,    01.05.07

News covered: 360 Takes the Cake, PS2 Goes Strong, Best of '06, Follow the Dollars, Retailer Sting, E for All

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