Updates in 2014

Cold Awakening,    12.05.14

Currents returns with a chilly look at unfair publishing tactics, lazy marketing, and ignorant petitions. There are also a few questions for the readers.

Freak Show,    10.31.14

Currents returns for a ghoulish celebration of the more notable industry news. This week we talk about over-hyped disappointments, emotional manipulation, and games that try to be movies.

Everything is Normal,    10.20.14

Currents returns to focus on more positive industry news. This week we're looking at Smash Bros. on the PS Vita, nagging Valve into making Half-Life 3, and some secrets hidden in Final Fantasy XIII's code.

Perspective,    09.23.14

Currents returns this week to mull over the importance of review scores, the direction of Final Fantasy XV, and pre-owned DLC. We also have some questions for you.

Well Rested,    08.31.14

Currents finally returns this week. We're talking Amazon's acquisition of Twitch, 4Chan's support of women, and why the PS4 is selling so well. There are also a handful of questions for you to answer.

Growing Pains,    08.11.14

This week we're talking about Crytek's radical shift, EA Access vs. PlayStation Now, and mobile games in Japan. We also have a few questions for you.

Back to Basics,    07.23.14

In this week's Currents we're talking YouTubers being paid by video game plubishers, the future of VR, and the shutdown of the Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation. We also have a handful of questions to ask you.

Back to Basics,    06.30.14

With E3 now in the past, we return to our regular coverage. This week we're talking PlayStation Now, Assassin's Creed Unity, Capcom buyouts, and the Nintendo genre.

E3 Wrap-up and Reviews,    06.12.14

The press events are over, the announcements have died down, and we can almost return to our regular news flow, but how was this year's E3? Let's do a recap and hand out some grades.

The Rant Issue,    05.27.14

This week is all about ranting. The topics up for debate include the role of crowdfunding, personifying video game publishers and developers, video gaming in relation to violent tragedies, and Final Fantasy X's assumed views on religion.

It's Time For Things to Get Better,    05.20.14

E3 is approaching, meaning it's time for a suspicious number of industry insiders to start spreading gossip. What unlikely news could we be seeing next month, and how might plans be changing for this latest generation of console?

Hung Up on Semantics,    04.23.14

Currents returns as we discuss the difference between sold-in sales and units sold, how the Wii U isn't like the Dreamcast (yet), Sony's sale of Square Enix stock, and numerous career changes by notable developers.

Down With the Sickness,    03.31.14

This week, Oculus backers are left in the cold, King's IPO takes a tumble, Sqaure Enix is refocusing, and the Devil sabatoges a video game.

Up, Up, Down, Down,    03.21.14

Even the infamous Konami code couldn't stop the bad PR this week. Castlevania loses its guardian, Metal Gear Solid disappoints, and Disney Interactive cuts staff. If only the headlines were more positive.

Fail to the King, Baby,    02.27.14

This week, Gearbox stops 3D Realms in its tracks, Peter Molyneux disses his own game, Xbox underperforms in Japan, and a new Mana game disappoints. We also have some questions to ask you about iOS entries in classic RPG franchises.

The Sum of Eight Consecutive Primes,    02.20.14

Nintendo does the same old thing, Sonic gets a makeover, Flappy Bird dies, the Vita prepares for swimsuit season, and EA continues to disappoint

Justify My Love,    01.27.14

Buying Your Love, Nintendo Fusion, King is (Apparently) the Devil, Microsoft Purchases Gears of War, and Namco Bandai becomes Bandai Namco

Hottest News Stories & Controversies of 2013,    01.20.14

2014 is finally upon us. Now is likely the best time to recap to the most talked about and controversial news stories of 2013. Did we miss any?

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