Updates in 2013

2013 RGPGs by the Numbers,    12.30.13

As the year comes to a close, we take a more statistical look back at the quantity and quality of RPG releases in 2013.

Sweater Weather,    12.10.13

News covered: Free-to-Pay, Petitions Don't Work, Bungie's Destiny: What if it Sucks?, Studio Departures and You, and The Rumor Mill

Hate Out of Ten,    11.22.13

News covered: PS4 & Xbox One: Hate Out of Ten, Nintendo's Online Ecosystem, Video Game Consoles Break, Console Teardowns are Misleading, and The Rumor Mill

Old Dog, Same Tricks,    11.07.13

News covered: Old Dog, Same Tricks, The PS Vita's Uphill Battle, Currents X Japandemonium, A Profitable Realm Reborn, and The Rumor Mill

Tears for Fears,    10.28.13

News covered: Wii U: Comeback Kid?, Yakuza Producer Hates GTA, The Sonic Cycle Continues, Deep Down Fraudulent, and the Rumor Mill.

Balance and Ruin,    10.11.13

News covered: Time to Scale it Back, Square Enix: Changing of the Seasons, Unity Technologies, Mad Catz's M.O.J.O, and the Rumor Mill.

Playing With Power,    09.30.13

News covered: Hiroshi Yamauchi, SteamOS, Steam Machines, and a Steam Controller, App Development is a Rat Race, Xbox One: Vertically Challenged, and the Rumor Mill.

iPlay,    09.12.13

News covered: The iPhone and Mobile Gaming, PlayStation Vita TV: Micro-console Showdown, PS Vita 2000: It Comes In Yellow, Kojima Pro Erotic Cosplay?, and the Rumor Mill.

Wii U-turn,    08.15.13

News covered: Wii Will Survive, A Kinect-less Xbox One, The Sonic Cycle & Lost World, Heartbreak: New Mana Game Trademarked, and the Rumor Mill.

Balancing Backlogs,    07.25.13

News covered: Video Game Reviews and You, Atlus' Parent Company Looking For a Buyer, GaymerX: LGBT Con, Eidos Montreal GM Exits, and the Rumor Mill.

OOO-yah,    07.11.13

News covered: The OUYA: Hits & Misses, Xbox One's Mattrick Leaves for Zynga, Sony Learns From Past Missteps, Double Fine Hits a Snag, and the Rumor Mill.

Xboned 2: The Revengeance,    06.24.13

News covered: Xbox One and PR Confusion, Nintendo: The Honey Badger, Are Traded Games Too Short, OUYA at E3, and the Rumor Mill.

Xboned,    06.04.13

News covered: Xbox One Launch Apathy, Disappointment: Overstrike to Fuse, Why Pre-Owned Games Will Die, PS Vita Remote Play for All PS4 Games, and the Rumor Mill.

Ground Control to Major Tom,    05.16.13

News covered: Disarming the Nvidia Shield, Eternal Darkness 2 (Kind of), OUYA On Shaky Grounds, Sales Projections Are Hard, and the Rumor Mill.

Can We Panic Now?,    05.03.13

News covered: Something's Terribly Wrong, Aliens: Class Action, Wii U Struggles, Scribblenauts V. Internet Cats, and the Rumor Mill.

Nintendomination,    04.18.13

News covered: Nintendo's Good Will (and Its Competition's Failing), OUYA's Lukewarm Reception, Is Social Gaming Almost Dead?, "Graphics are 60% of Gameplay", and Adam Orth has to #DealWithIt.

Square Pegs,    04.04.13

News covered: Square Enix's Sky is Falling, Mickey Mouse Has Killed LucasArts, The (Successful) Year of Luigi, Darksiders Coming Home, and Nintendo 3DS Infographic.

Women in Refrigerators,    03.20.13

News covered: You Can't Have a Female Protagonist, EA's John Riccitiello Peaces Out, Should You Buy Real Estate in SimCity?, Galaxy S4 "Jumps In" Xbox Joypad, and Phantasy Star Birthday Extravaganza.

Game Over, Man! Game Over!,    03.06.13

News covered: The Ballad of Aliens: Colonial Marines, PS Vita Sales Quadruple (in Japan), Sony On Clearance, GameFly Cuts Staff, and Developers Lose Interest in Consoles.

PlayStation 2013,    02.21.13

News covered: PlayStation 4 Announced, Dual Shock 4 Revealed, PlayStation 4 Cutscenes, PlayStation 4/PS Vita, and Backwards Compatibility.

Catharsis,    02.07.13

News covered: THQ Collapses, Capcom is 'In a Complicated Relationship' with Resident Evil, XNA Game Studio to Flatline, What About Indie Gaming?, Return of the Living SEGA Dreamcast, and Final Fantasy VII + Hit Songs = White Materia.

Active Time Belligerence,    01.22.13

News covered: RPGamer Reacts to Final Fantasy: ATB, EA's Gabrielle Toledano on Women and Video Games, Same Sex Relationships in SWtOR: Separate, but Equal?, Now Trending: Toy-based Gaming, and GREE + Square Enix = Sad Panda.

Lazarus Rising,    01.10.13

News covered: RPGamer's 2013 Gaming Resolutions, Are People Finally Over 3D?, Nintendo 3DS Hits Major Milestone, Sony CEO Reacts to Nvidia Handheld, and Is Xi3's Piston Really Valve's First Steambox?

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