New Features for El Dorado Gate
El Dorado Gate

The upcoming third volume of El Dorado Gate, Capcom's serial Dreamcast RPG title, will have some new features for fans of the continuing series. The game will contain several new modes, the first of which will be called "El Dorado Cyclopedia." This feature will let players keep track of monster information and statistics. As well, the "Game Information" mode will display detailed information on other Dreamcast titles published by Capcom, apparently somewhat of a propaganda file inserted into the game itself.

The series has thus far followed the hero, Kobe, through trials and tragedy. This newest installment will contain episodes seven and eight of the story. El Dorado Gate, Volume Three will be available in Japan on February 2nd, and will retail for 2800 yen, or about $24. No information on this series' North American release is currently known.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magic Box]
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