Final Fantasy X Character Names Confirmed
Final Fantasy X

As the Tokyo Game Show progresses, further information continually becomes available on some of this year's upcoming RPG titles. Certainly one of the most anticipated of those is Final Fantasy X, Square's first installment of its flagship series on the PlayStation2. In addition to yesterday's look at the game, we now have confirmation of some of the Japanese character names, as well as new information on some characters just recently revealed at the Japanese show.

To recap the characters we already know, Tidus can be seen in this shot, and Yuna in this one. We now know that the big guy on the left of this shot is named Wakka. He is the one who will utilize the Blitzball to pummel enemies. As well, it has been revealed that the woman dressed in black and standing behind Yuna in this image is named Lulu. She is a magic-user, and dispels any thoughts that Wakka's Blitzball is going to be the strangest weapon in the game by using an animated moogle doll to attack enemies. The fifth currently known character is called Kimari, and can be seen in this shot. Said to be Yuna's guardian, he is an imposing beastman who utilizes the traditional blue magic system of previous installments to the series.

Keep in mind that all these are Japanese character names, which may be altered or completely changed in the North American release. Be sure to check out the rest of RPGamer's Final Fantasy X coverage from the ongoing tokyo Game Show, and stay tuned to as further information on Square's next Final Fantasy title becomes available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [GIA]
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