Wild Card Details Finalized
Wild Card

Square has finalized the release date for its upcoming Wonderswan Color RPG, Wild Card. The game is scheduled for a March 29 release date in Japan, and is set to retail for 4300 yen (about $36). It remains to be seen if the game will be localized for North America when the handheld console is released here this fall.

From what little is known about Wild Card at this point, the entire game is centered around cards, which can display characters, items, and many other game elements. There is no world map in the game, as all the locations can be travelled to via the player's cards, allowing the adventure to progress with a quick tempo rather than forcing the player to travel across an overhead map. In battle, each card is assigned a numerical value for its offensive and defensive power, as well as other special attributes, such as elemental alignments. Different combinations and strategic use of these cards will be the key to victory. As well, Square has recently revealed that the game will make use of the Wonderswan Color's link cable, allowing two players to compete against one another in a kind of card combat. RPGamer will keep you informed as further details become available on this unique title.

by Matthew Wanlin
Sources: [Magic Box , PlayOnline]
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