More Zero Tours Information Revealed

Right on the heels of the information uncovered earlier today, Media Rings has released further details on their Game Boy Advance title Zero Tours. Clarified is the nature of the previously announced Kigurumian, who have turned out to be a tribe in the game characterized by their animal-style costumes. Also unveiled are the Kigurumian's rival tribe, the Kosupureians, who wear 'costume play-style clothing.'

As previously reported, the player's party will be led by a tour guide. There are two choices for this position: A male, Blueberry Jam, or a female, Strawberry Parfait. Also included in the party will be fairies and Kigurumian. As the characters' levels increase, new worlds will be accessible, along with new events for the player to encounter. Interestingly, the tour guides also gain experience, and most importantly, perhaps, they can be exchanged via the Game Link cable.

Media Rings promised strong connectivity, and now the nature of that connectivity has been revealed. The Game Link cable will be used as a means of exchange, and the tour guides that can be sent back and forth are just the beginning. Not only can characters be stored and moved, but monsters or party members can be sealed in dungeons and then transferred to other players, adding whole new levels to the game. In fact, even items can be exchanged; Zero Tours offers an option whereby the player can create a city and sell items found in the game's dungeons, some of which can be named, via the Game Link cable to other players.

With all these options available in addition to the basic single player game, Zero Tours is shaping up to be one of the better games in the Game Boy Advance's near future. While no North American release has yet been announced, Japanese gamers at least can soon look forward to this title, slated for a spring release.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [US Famitsu]
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