Zero Tours Information Uncovered

Media Rings, a software developer out of Japan, is working on a new title with the tentative moniker Zero Tours. As the game's spring release date draws a bit closer, more information has been revealed about the game. As might be gleaned from the title, the game follows the story of a tour led by the player, who takes the role of the conductor. While the nature of the tours has yet to be revealed, Media Rings has stated that party members can include a wide variety of characters, including fairies and "Kigurumian," a word that translates roughly to "people who wear costumes," so something out of the ordinary can probably be expected.

Significantly, Zero Tours will have a strong multiplayer element, as Media Rings is emphasizing the game's connectivity. It will support not only the link cable, but also the Mobile Adapter GB, so potentially, up to four players will be able to play the game simultaneously. Zero Tours is currently slated for a spring release in Japan, although a solid release date has yet to be announced. Also unconfirmed is whether the game will see North American shores.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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