Breath of Fire GBA Details
Breath of Fire

The Breath of Fire series has been decently popular since the release of the first game for the SNES. Capcom's re-release of the first game for Nintendo's new portable system, the Game Boy Advance, should come as no surprise. Ryu, the hero of Breath of Fire, is forced to find his sister Sara, who has the ability to stop the Dark Dragon Clan from unlocking Tyr's tomb and receiving a wish.

The first game in the Breath of Fire series may be dated in comparison with the rest of the series, but Capcom's improvements exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version should help to increase its mainstream appeal. The first thing that players will notice are the much-improved visuals. Though not completely up to the graphical quality that Game Boy Advance games are capable of, the quality will still be a noticeable improvement from the original. New battle face images and cutscenes will also be included. More minigames will be featured as well, including a fishing minigame. Players will be able to save anywhere, though it has yet to be seen if it will simply be a "temporary save," deleted after it is loaded. Finally, game link support has been added, but not for cooperative play -- rather, players will be able to trade items with each other. Breath of Fire will find its way to Japanese shores in July.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [IGN]
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