First Details on Retro's GameCube RPG

As of late, there has been a myriad of rumors around the web regarding a secret GameCube RPG currently in development at Retro Studios. At last, some details about the project have been revealed, providing gamers with their first glimpse of what seems to be a very intricate and ambitious addition to the console's lineup.

Neither the game's working title nor the project's code name have been divulged, but it is known that the storyline will be set against a traditional medieval time period. The lead designer, who's previous work has largely been within the Dungeons & Dragons world, is allegedly aiming this RPG in a similar direction. While the game will include such fundamental elements as character development, environment interaction and storyline progression, Retro is apparently focusing on more of an action-orientated title, with the game's battles taking place in real-time sequences rather than the traditional turn-based style. While the characters and quest of the game are still unknown, a large amount of dialogue has been written and is being recorded by top-quality voice actors.

Visually, the project is inspired by the works of Keith Parkinson, widely known for his work on several David Eddings book covers and within the online RPG title Everquest. Retro's aim is to create a similar visual feel, including intricate details and classic elements of traditional sword and sorcery RPGs. The game's graphics have been described as "unbelievably realistic" and "breathtaking" by those who have seen them in action.

While much stills remains to be seen of Retro's upcoming RPG, it seems to be a promising initial move into the RPG genre for the GameCube, something that never really happened on the N64. Indications suggest that Retro is working hard to have a highly polished, fully playable portion of the game ready for E3 this May. RPGamer will keep you updated as more details on this title are revealed.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [IGN]
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