Game Boy Advance Colours Unveiled

Though its official launch remains set for July 2001, demo units of Game Boy Advance will be sent to North America as early as April, along with a couple of game titles to show off. The units will not be for sale, but are strictly for display purposes, so for those who are eager to get their hands on a Game Boy Advance, July is still the month to look forward to. Nintendo released this information as it prepares for a trade show for retailers on January 16th to showcase its new handheld system, the sort of publicity arrangement which will likely grow more frequent as the upcoming Japanese launch, set for March, draws nearer.

Nintendo also unveiled some of the colors in which the Game Boy Advance will be available. While a complete list will not be revealed until E3, it is known that there will be only a small number of colors available. For now, Nintendo has revealed three of the colors: there will be clear, white, and purple Game Boy Advance units. This differs somewhat from the Gamecube, which will come in only one of the three colors announced, purple; then again, with the wide variety of colors that Game Boys and Game Boy Colors come in, uniformity is probably the last thing that should be expected.

by Andrew Long    
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