Final Fantasy X Character Named... Again

It seems that pronunciation troubles have necessitated further clarification of the name of Final Fantasy X's main character. Previously reported as anything from Tide to Tida, a rogue letter 's', silent in Japanese, has entered the equation, leaving the spelling as 'Tidus' once the dust settles. As this particular incarnation of the name appears in Flash videos at, there is good reason to suspect that this really is the name of the sandy-haired hero, who has been variously described as free-spirited and cheerful, a star player of the underwater game Blitzball, and even by a writer at as "the theoretical bastard child of Final Fantasy VIII's Squall and Malibu Barbie."

At this point, Square hasn't let much else out of the bag. Yuna's name remains unchanged, and the other three characters who have been revealed- Ryugo, Hayate and Kitt- are as enigmatic as before. The Flash videos are available at, but the text is almost exclusively in Japanese.

by Andrew Long    
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