Sega Offers Fans a Chance to Live the Phantasy
Phantasy Star Online

Both longtime and recent Sega fans will probably know the work of Yuji Naka, the lead developer of such popular games as Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS, and the upcoming Phantasy Star Online. To promote the release of this multiplayer online RPG, Sega is holding a contest on their web site. Two lucky winners will be invited to Sega's release party as special guests of Yuji Naka and will be the first two gamers to enter the world of the North American version of Phantasy Star Online. In addition, they will receive a VIP tour of Sega HQ in San Francisco and will receive great seats for the unveiling of Phantasy Star Online in the US.

In order to be eligible for the contest drawing, players must answer a series of ten questions correctly. The first five deal with Phantasy Star Online and involve only information that can be found on Sega's web site, but the final five deal with previous games in the series. To find the answers to these questions, players must either play through the games or find the information elsewhere, such as in RPGamer's games section. Interested players can enter the competition here. Good luck!

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [GameSpot]
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