More Shenmue II Tidbits

More information has been revealed about Shenmue II. Some information about another main character has come to light, one who will play a large role in the this particular segment of the game. Renuuin is the head of a street gang in Hong Kong's Aberdeen. For those who aren't familiar with Hong Kong's geography, Aberdeen is a section of the city which has distinctly British-style buildings, as well as people who live on ships. Sightseeing is a main attraction, so expect this section to be quite an eyeful. As for Renuuin himself, he is apparently a brave and skilled fighter.

Also revealed recently was the news that loading times will be quite a bit shorter than the original Shenmue. This should come as welcome news to fans of the game, who will also be treated to improved character animation and camera movement. Shenmue II is currently scheduled for North American release in November 2001.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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