Summoner Soundtrack Online

Scott Lee, the artist and composer behind the musical score for THQ's Summoner, has posted a handful of selections from the game's soundtrack at his web page. Lee is one of the head musical producers and sound engineers for the game, and goes by the alter-ego title of "Dezacrator" on his music production page. In a time where more and more gaming companies are working with talented professional musicians, his work certainly stands out as exemplary.

A total of eight tracks are available, and can be downloaded here in streaming audio format or as mp3 files. The site also contains several other musical works by Scott Lee not included in the game. Summoner fans will recognize the songs and musical themes which accompany Joseph during his journey through the RPG title, such as "Chosen One," the music from Lenele's royal palace, "NightFall," one of the overworld map themes, and "Lord Luminar," the music from the game's final fateful confrontation. Lee mentions that the rest of the game's music tracks may be posted on the site over the following weeks as well.

Summoner was one of the launch release RPG titles for the PlayStation2 last year. The Macintosh and PC editions of the title, which include slight game alterations and the addition of multiplayer gameplay, are currently nearing completion and are slated for a release later this month.

by Matthew Wanlin
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