Ambrosia Software's RPG Creation Tools

Ambrosia Software, well known among Macintosh users as an exceptional game production company, recently added a new item to the "upcoming" section of their site. The new title, Coldstone, is a role playing game construction kit, designed to allow users to form their own fully-featured RPG adventures. While this is certainly not the first of such products, it marks the first official Macintosh venture into the realm of RPG creation.

Developed by Beenox, in conjunction with Ambrosia, Coldstone promises to deliver users a set of powerful, yet easy to use tools, which will allow for improved creation of their RPG worlds. It appears to aim for absolute developmental customizability on the user end, allowing the creator to determine how in-depth they wish their game to be. The result can be anything from an extremely involved campaign to a simple adventure, unhindered by the more complex RPG aspects. The resulting adventures may then be saved as stand-alone application, to be freely traded with other users, regardless of whether or not they own the development package itself.

A collection of beta version screen shots are displayed at Ambrosia's Page, showing many of the graphical layout and scripting controls. The shots also show the title running on everything from the standard MacOS to the forthcoming MacOSX, and even under Windows, suggesting the possibility of a cross-platform release. No shipment date has been mentioned as of yet, but we will keep you updated as more news on this RPG creation set becomes available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Sources: [Ambrosia Software]
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