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Gaming site X-Treme Gaming Radio recently had the chance to interview Rob Bartel, one of the lead designers for BioWare's upcoming Neverwinter Nights. During the discussion, such issues were mentioned as what new game features players can look forward to and exactly what remains to be done before the game will be ready to ship. The following are excerpts from that interview:

X-Treme Gaming Radio: How will the third dimension affect gameplay and combat?

Rob Bartel: The move to 3D hasn't changed the fundamentals of how we interpret the Dungeon & Dragons system but it sure has made combat in Neverwinter Nights look spectacular. Aside from all the flashy spell effects and the glint of reflective weapons and armor, 3D had allowed us to build a wonderfully fluid and interactive combat animation system. When you attack, you will actually be able to see your opponents parry and dodge your blows

XGR: Are there plans for console ports of NWN?

RB: Not at present. Should we decide to in the future, however, a client-only version might be feasible. Running a server or creating your own modules in the toolset both require more memory than consoles are really capable of providing.

XGR: What work remains on NWN?

RB: Well, the engine's more or less in place but we still have an actual game to make. The official campaign, while thoroughly planned out, still needs to be implemented. This means not only the modules themselves, but also all of the items, spells, creatures, scripts, and dialog that make up those modules. A project of this scope takes a lot of time to construct and, while we have the bulk of the work behind us, we still have a lot ahead of us, too.

The interview with Rob Bartel can be read in its entirety here. Tentatively scheduled to be completed late this summer, Neverwinter Nights is growing closer to its highly anticipated release. Developed by Black Isle Studios, the title promises to please fans of the company's previous Dungeons & Dragons titles, such as Baldur's Gate II. RPGamer will keep you updated as the gameplay details are finalized and the game's campaign is implemented.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [X-Treme Gaming Radio]
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