Miyamoto Teleconference Reveals Zelda for GameCube

Recently, a select group of media had the chance to participate in a teleconference with Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda games, and Mr. Takano, part of the creative team behind the latest title in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. While only ten brief questions were allowed, the responses they unveiled were certainly interesting, as they touched on the nature of what fans can expect the series to deliver next. The following is a transcript of the conference, courtesy of Armchair Empire.

Q: Hi, my question is, after Majora's Mask, when are we going to see the next Legend of Zelda game? And on what platform would it be? Would it be on Gamecube?

Mr. Takano: The next platform will be Gamecube. The new controller will allow for many different actions. We are experimenting with what kind of actions the controller will accommodate. What we have to do next is work on the details of the storyline, but we first want to see what can be done with Gamecube controller. At this point Link is running around the screen and looks very cute and adorable.

Mr. Miyamoto: At Nintendo's Spaceworld we made some video demonstrations of Link facing off with Ganon. [The] graphics are already completed. There are still quality checks to do for the graphics. [We've also completed work on Link's actions] Now we are working on the different camera angles for the fighting scenes.

Q: Mr. Miyamoto, [what are] the things you're looking forward to, with the next generation consoles?

Mr. Miyamoto: In the case of Gamecube it is going to become a very easy machine to work on. It's the kind of game machine on which you can make games much more easily and with less effort than it takes to create for Nintendo 64. More specifically, Gamecube is a powerful machine. It is a good tool to work on your idea very easily. The new media type allows content to be easily stored at the same time lowering the price, which is a big plus. So if you want to make small games or you want to make very big games, it's alright with Gamecube. It's very easy compared with previous machines.

Q: During the Spaceworld 2000 show, Mr. Miyamoto told me that he was most excited about the ability to connect the Gamecube with the Gameboy Advanced controller. Could he give an example of what kind of gameplay could be implemented in, say, the next Zelda game?

Mr. Miyamoto: It is going to be a very easy system to connect Gamecube and Gameboy Advanced in Zelda or any other game. For example, it could be used to play mini-games. There are many different opportunities that we are looking at.

The translated teleconference with Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Takano can be read in its entirety here, and contains not only information on the next installment of the Zelda series, but also some very interesting additional insight into the production of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. With the promise of a GameCube Zelda game, fans certainly have something to look forward to. While nothing much is known about it yet, RPGamer will keep you updated as the first details on the game are revealed.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Armchair Empire]
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