Atlus Announces Growlanser II
Growlanser 2

Following Atlus USA's recent announcement of titles to be shown at the upcoming E3 Expo, Atlus Japan has revealed the development of Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice, a direct sequel to its PlayStation RPG. Fans of the first game will be glad to hear that Carrier Software, developer of the original, has returned to work on this PlayStation2 installment.

As the game opens, a year has passed since the events of the first title. Players take the role of a young knight named Wein, sent to patrol the border between three kingdoms at perpetual unrest with one another, having been engaged in brutal war during the original PlayStation title. The events that unfold from there will take the player though a journey that will affect all the kingdoms, and the entire continent.

The original PlayStation Growlanser had a unique and beautiful look, brought on by the artistry of the game's character designer, Satoshi Urushihara. And once again, his work will rendered the game's world into existence. Also returning from the original is the game's battle system, bringing players quick, dramatic tactical-RPG action. Atlus also states that the game will allow for extensive player customization, although no specific details were mentioned.

Growlanser was released in Japan in November of 1999. There was much talk of Atlus USA bringing the title to North America by 2001, but it is unclear if this will ever happen. While no official release date has been mentioned for Growlanser II, it is scheduled to debut at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, where more information may be revealed.

by Matthew Wanlin
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