Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Song List Finalized
Phantasy Star Online

A final track list has been released for the official soundtrack album to Sega's Phantasy Star Online. As previously reported, the CD contains specially written lyrical versions of the opening and closing theme songs. Further, it has now been revealed that two other bonus tracks have been added to the mix as well, found at the end of the album as orchestrated renditions of the two theme songs. The complete track list is as follows:

01 . Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme:
        The whole new world (Lyrical Version)
02 . A song for eternal story
03 . Pioneer2
04 . Codes of silence
05 . Mother earth of dishonesty (Part One)
06 . Mother earth of dishonesty (Part Two)
07 . Growl and from the depths of the earth
08 . After the story 1
09 . The kink in the wind and the way (Part One)
10 . The kink in the wind and the way (Part Two)
11 . From seeing the rough wave
12 . Empty space out of control (Part One)
13 . Empty space out of control (Part Two)
14 . The crazy PROGRAM
15 . You have nowhere to go
16 . After the story 2
17 . Revolution to the origin (Part One)
18 . Revolution to the origin (Part Two)
19 . Pray and for "IDOLA" the distorted
20 . Cry and for "IDOLA" the holy
21 . Can still see the light:
        Phantasy Star Online Ending Theme (Lyrical Version)
22 . Phantasy Star Online Opening Theme:
        The whole new world (Wind Orchestra Version)
23 . Can still see the light:
        Phantasy Star Online Ending Theme (Wind Orchestra Version)

The soundtrack hits stores today (January 24th) in Japan for a retail price of about 3,000 yen (about $25). No announcement of a North American release has been made, but fans of the game's music should watch for an import copy to become available on game soundtrack websites. The cover art for the album can be seen below. The album is said to contain extra CD-ROM features as well, indicating that it contains data files such as screenshots or game images which can be accessed by putting the disc into a computer's CD drive. Phantasy Star Online itself should be available in North America on January 30th.

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by Matthew Wanlin
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