More Square Wonderswan Color Titles

Following the recent announcement of Square's upcoming Wonderswan Color title, Blue Wing Blitz, further details regarding the game have become available. The strategy-simulation RPG will put players in a fighter plane cockpit, where they will engage in dogfights with other aircraft in a fully three-dimensional world. No release date has yet been mentioned for the game, but it appears to be at a fairly early stage of production.

Along with Blue Wing Blitz and their Final Fantasy remakes, Square is also working on a Wonderswan Color installment of their Front Mission series. The game appears to retain the interface and tactical combat style of previous titles in the series, allowing players to extensively customize their mechs and take them into combat. While no gameplay or plot details are currently known for this upcoming Wonderswan Color title, it has been scheduled for a December 2001 release date in Japan. Further details on each of these games will be reported as they become available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [US Famitsu]
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