Tactics Ogre Gaiden Revealed
Game Boy Advance

New information has surfaced about what is quite possibly the most anticipated Game Boy Advance RPG/Strategy game, Tactics Ogre Gaiden. The game will parallel the rest of the Ogre Battle series as far as mechanics go, but it will feature scenarios, events, and characters not found in Tactics Ogre, the game Tactics Ogre Gaiden resembles most gameplay-wise.

Tactics Ogre Gaiden borrows quite a bit from the most recent game in the series, Ogre Battle 64, as well. The graphics, sounds, and effects in the Game Boy Advance game resemble Ogre Battle 64's very closely. The Game Boy Advance game will also borrow popular system elements from its big brother on the Nintendo 64.

Tactics Ogre Gaiden is scheduled for a 2001 release in Japan, and though no North American release date is scheduled yet, players interested in this game can vote for it to come to North America through Nintendo's web site.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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