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Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance will be released in Japan this March with a plethora of games and three system colors already lined up for the release date. Which of these colors and games will make the cut when Nintendo brings the highly anticipated system over to North America? Nintendo has set up a place on their website that will allow the gamers to decide.

When a user visits Nintendo's Game Boy Advance website, that user is presented with a number of choices. The first allows people to vote for the system color they like best. Following that is a list of games with no current official North American release date, where users can select which games they would most like to see make the jump overseas. Among those listed are RPGs Tactics Ogre: Gaiden and Golden Sun. Though voting for the games you find most interesting is not a guarantee that they will be brought over, this will give Nintendo a better idea of which games will sell when they are brought over, so vote for your favorites and perhaps a few of the more obscure games will find their way to North American Game Boy Advance systems.

by Justin Weiss    
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