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Further Tsugunai Details Emerge



Sony recently disclosed further details regarding Tsugunai, their upcoming PlayStation2 RPG. As was previously reported, the game's lead character will possess the bodies of various other individuals, working to resolve their problems. We now know that these scenarios are part of a much larger plot, in which the main character is actually striving to cleanse his own ills by aiding others. As well, Sony has stated that the NPCs (who become playable characters once possessed) will range from children to soldiers to fishermen and merchants, each with their own unique items, weapons and statistics. The life of the lead character, as well as the lives of those he inhabits, will be altered depending on the actions of the player.

As well, Sony has commented on the title's battle system, mentioning that its turn-based style and use of summoned monsters will be similar to many preceding console RPGs. The one apparent twist on the combat setup will be familiar to those who have played such titles as Vagrant Story, in which pressing a button at a precise moment in an enemy's attack will reduce damage.

Tsugunai is scheduled for shipment on February 22nd in Japan. Although no official word has been given by Sony regarding a North American version of the game, we will keep you updated as the overseas release draws nearer, and more details emerge on this unique title.

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