Winkysoft Announces Spirit Machine Rayblade 2

WinkySoft has announced they are developing a sequel to their robot combat simulation title, Spirit Machine Rayblade. The second game will be entitled Spirit Machine Rayblade 2 and will resemble the first game in the series if the few screenshots currently available are any indication. Spirit Machine Rayblade featured a turn-based strategy system which also had a dating sidequest to keep things interesting. While very few details have been released as yet, expect at least some of these elements to make a return.

WinkySoft did not immediately project a release date; they only announced the game was under development. Furthermore, as neither of the first game's two versions(the Playstation original and the Dreamcast port) never made it to North America, there is some doubt as to whether the sequel will ever find its way over.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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