Asheron's Call Sequel Officially Announced

If you're a hardcore fan of Asheron's Call, you chose a very fortunate time to take a break from playing. Today, Microsoft announced that a sequel to their hit massively-multiplayer online RPG, Asheron's Call, is indeed getting a sequel. Turbine Entertainment Software, the developer of the original hit game, will be making Asheron's Call 2, and has actually been working on it ever since they finished the first title.

Adam Waalkes, the Product Unit Manager responsible for MMORPG games at Microsoft, hence one of Asheron's Call fans' best friends, had this to say about the impending sequel:

"With the success of Asheron's Call, committing to a sequel was obvious, we consider the MMRPG genre one of the most critical areas of growth for gaming and the Asheron's Call franchise is our most important offering in this space."

David Bowman, Turbine's Production Director, also happily added his own comments:

"We're incredibly happy to announce this news. Not a day goes by where I haven't been asked whether or not we're working on it, and it's a relief to finally say, 'Yes, we are developing the sequel to Asheron's Call!'"

No further details have been released on Asheron's Call 2 at this time, but more will likely be exposed before a hopeful public unveiling at e3 this May. RPGamer will be there to cover all the juicy morsels on this exciting new game. In the meantime, the original Asheron's Call is available to play at The Zone for a small fee. You probably already knew that, though.

by Doug "Stom" Hill    
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