King's Field IV Delayed for Retuning
King's Field IV

From Software recently made the announcement that their upcoming PlayStation2 RPG, King's Field IV, will not be released in Japan this spring, as previously stated. According to Mr. Nishida, the game's producer, the delay has been brought about in order to truly make the next King's Field title an outstanding installment in the series. Nearing the game's completion, the team decided that there was more they could do with the PlayStation2 hardware, and are now working to refine the system concept, the game's graphics, and the overall scenario design. The title has now adopted a Japanese release date of this summer.

King's Field IV promises to take Front Sofware's series to a new level of first-person real-time strategic combat. While no North American development is currently underway with King's Field IV, the US-based company Agetec has published several From Software's titles in the past, including Evergrace, and Eternal Ring, and may do the same with this one. RPGamer will keep you updated with news on this title as it undergoes its retuning process.

by Matthew Wanlin
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