Evergrace 2 Announced

From Software has announced the sequel to their action RPG Evergrace. The second title in the series will retain the original's Dress Up System, which enables characters to power up and gain abilities through equipping weapons, armor, and accessories. Different from the first game, however, is the addition of two more characters to the battle system. Similar to Secret of Mana, the player will have control of one character, with the computer handling the other two(no multiplayer option exists). Returning from the original game will be Yuterald, who will be teamed up with newcomers Fillna and Ryana.

Gamers may remember Yuterald from the original Evergrace as a talented swordsman. He is on a quest for vengeance against Morea, the man who destroyed his village and killed his father. Yuterald also has a mysterious crest on his hand. Ryana was raised with Yuterald as a brother, and although the two have no blood relation, they are nonetheless close. Ryana is a capable fencer, and joins Yuterald on his quest to try and find out what has happened to Fillna's memory. Fillna is shrouded in mystery; she appeared one night a year before the events in the game begin remembering nothing but an 'accident'. The only remnants of her past life are occasional dreams, so she joins Ryana and Yuterald to see if she can find out something about her past.

Evergrace 2 is currently scheduled for a summer 2001 release in Japan on the PlayStation2. No word on whether or not it would be released in North America was given, but From Software has a good working relationship with Agetec, which ported the first title, so a North American release seems fairly likely. Expect RPGamer to provide more information on this game as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [IGN PlayStation2]
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