Final Fantasy II Logo and Package Deal

Square's remake of the first Final Fantasy game has proven reason enough for many Japanese consumers to purchase a Wonderswan Color. It is no surprise that a deal is being struck to use the Final Fantasy II remake to sell even more Wonderswan Color consoles. A combination Final Fantasy II + Wonderswan Color package will be available in Japan in May.

In addition to the previous announcement, Square has made available the new logo for the Final Fantasy II remake. As the original cartridge was created before Square adopted the current Final Fantasy logo look, a new one was created for the remake. This logo features Queen Hilda, the leader of the battle against the Paramekian Empire.

It has also been rumored that due to Square's involvement with "other" portable platforms (almost certainly implying Nintendo's Game Boy Advance), Square will cease development for the Wonderswan Color after the release of Wildcard and Final Fantasy III. This goes against rumors of possible re-releases of other classic Square games being released for Bandai's system. RPGamer will report news on this topic as it arrives.

The full-sized logo:

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box, GIA]
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