Phantasy Star Online: Take Two
Phantasy Star Online

Hot on the heels of the news of Phantasy Star Online's success come details about the eagerly awaited update, Phantasy Star Online Version 2. Like any version 2, the game will feature bug fixes from the original game, most dealing with disconnects or game crashes. However, PSOv2 will offer much more than just the standard fixes, including new modes of play such as a Capture the Flag mode and a Battle Royale mode, for those players who find facing off against the computer-controlled creatures to be too boring. An innovative Lobby Soccer game will also be included, allowing many players in the same lobby to compete in a game resembling soccer.

Even more outfits, characters, and enemies will be featured in Phantasy Star Online Version 2, as well as an added difficulty level, "Ultimate," for those who found the first version too easy. Serious character builders will enjoy the increased level cap of 200. New Mags will show themselves in the next version, including one that looks like a Sega Master System. Finally, two new areas will be open for exploration: Space Boat and Sanctuary. It looks as though Phantasy Star Online Version 2 will do all that a update to a game is meant to do and more, and it looks to help the Dreamcast stay alive for quite a while longer.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Gaming Age]
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