The Legend of Zelda: The Mystical Seed Begins to Grow
The Legend of Zelda: The Mystical Seed of Power

Perhaps the most anticipated Game Boy Color games still to be released belong to Nintendo's Zelda: The Mystical Seed of Power series. Originally planned to be three new Zelda games featuring a Link's Awakening-style game engine and high interconnectivity between each other, the series has been reduced to two chapters, known as the Chapter of Earth and the Chapter of Time and Space. Both games will be released simultaneously in Japan, with players receiving a password upon completion of one game which will unlock features in the other. Details about the games are being uncovered as the release date draws near, and as always, RPGamer is here to deliver it.

The Chapter of Earth has received the bulk of the media coverage. Featuring a focus on action rather than puzzle-solving, the game involves a trek through all four seasons in order to rescue Din, the "Shrine Maiden of the Earth," and restore order to the land of Hologram. Link arrives in this situation when he, on a journey to a mysterious castle, touches the Triforce, which is sitting on a pedestal. Upon touching the relic, he is transported to a forest in Hologram, where he falls in with a troupe of traveling entertainers. It is there that he meets Din, who is promptly whisked away by a giant tornado controlled by one who identifies himself as General Gorgon. Link's adventure will bring him in contact with many old friends, such as the Gorons, Talon, and Malon, and new friends, including a witch named Maple and the volcano-dwelling Ura tribe. Link will also have the ability to ride animal buddies, such as Ricky, the boxing kangaroo, Mashu, the flying blue bear, and Weiwei, the swimming red dinosaur, all three of which will be a common thread between both chapters.

Old items will find a place among the new, with such favorites as the Roc's Feather returning to the Chapter of Earth. This means, of course, that the side-scrolling areas from Link's Awakening will make a return, with one of the dungeons featuring a mine-cart ride. Among the new items making an appearance are the Magnetic Glove, allowing Link to pull metal blocks, and the slingshot, which can use different types of ammunition. The most well-known of the new items, however, is the Rod of Seasons, which will allow Link to travel through the different seasons at will. This will make for situations similar to those in A Link to the Past and The Ocarina of Time, where actions in one season will affect the others. With four seasons to deal with, the possibilities are much broader than those in the previous Zelda games.

The second chapter in the Mystical Seed of Power collection has been shrouded in secrecy through most of development. While the Chapter of Earth is primarily action-oriented, this Chapter of Time and Space focuses more on puzzles and problem-solving. Link is transported to the world of Lens in this game, where he is betrayed by the first creature he meets, forcing Link to find the eight magical items of Time and Space in order to defeat this creature. This chapter, like the Chapter of Earth, will feature multiple similar worlds. Instead of seasons, the Chapter of Time and Space consists of two different time periods, like The Ocarina of Time. Link travels between these two periods with the Song of Time, played on a harp rather than his usual ocarina. Items in this chapter appear to be mostly those from the previous Zelda games, such as the hookshot, the power bracelet, and the Cane of Somaria.

The interconnectivity between the two chapters is a departure for the Zelda series, but looks to add replay value to both games. After a player completes one of the two chapters, a password for the other chapter will be revealed. Using this password, players will be able to start the other game with another heart container and will carry over items from the first game. In addition, the events in one game will change based on the actions of the player in the other. The Chapter of Earth and the Chapter of Time and Space are to be released simultaneously in Japan on the 27th of February. A North American release date has not been announced yet, but considering the popularity of the Legend of Zelda series throughout the world, none should expect a long wait.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [The GIA]
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