El Dorado Gate: Volume 4 Chapter Details
El Dorado Gate

El Dorado Gate, Capcom's serial Dreamcast RPG, continues to unfold, each month's new volume providing Japanese RPG fans with a growing epic storyline. As the production of the series continues, further gameplay and plot details have been revealed for the currently upcoming volume.

Like to the first two installments of the series, the upcoming title will include three seperate chapters. Beginning with Chapter 9, players will take on the role of Mima, a twelve year-old girl who has come down with a peculiar disease. As she searches for a cure to her affliction, she will find friendship and assistance from a fairy, who will help Mima to unlock her own hidden powers. Chapter 10 centers on Mamma, a young boy with a big appetite. As he undergoes his own combat training, he will find himself involved in the quest of a friend, eventually landing them both in a grand martial arts tournament. The third and final chapter of this volume presents Gigi, a Holy Knight who begins to suspect a dark purpose hidden behind her loyal duties to the kingdom. She will question the powers of her superiors, and ultimately determine not only her destiny, but that of the Earth itself.

In addition to the three chapters, a new Music Mode will be included with this installment, allowing fans to access the 49 background music tracks within the game. Capcom plans to release the fourth volume of its serial RPG in Japan on April 4th for the retail price of 2800 yen (about $25). This volume of El Dorado Gate marks the halfway point in the series, which will ultimately be composed of 23 chapters. No official word on the North American release of this title has yet been made available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magicbox]
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