Final Fantasy X Character Details

As revealed in the screenshots and character renders that Square released recently, two of the characters confirmed to be in Final Fantasy X have been revealed. Now, some details are available about these characters. The male character, Tida(as opposed to Tide, which was previously thought to be his name) is a 17-year-old star player of the underwater fighting ball game Blitzball, which has led to speculation that Blitzball may end up being a mini-game. Tida wields a large sword and apparently has a cheerful disposition.

Since teen angst is just too captivating to go without, Square has given the reponsibility to Tida's love interest, the 17-year-old Yuna. Yuna wields a mean staff and also bears her father, a master summoner, some resentment, as she is tired of living in his shadow. As a result, although she has the ability to summon monsters, she does not use it often.

Final Fantasy X will be the first game in the series that makes use of in-game facial expressions. The game's plot at this point is said to be a struggle between the mysterious Shin and the summoners. Not much else has been revealed at this point; however, the game's projected Japanese release date of March 2001 is rapidly approaching, so expect more information to become available fairly soon.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The GIA]
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