Sega And Square to Team Up on Arcade Title

Sega's Co-COO(Co-Chief Operating Officer), Tetsu Kayama, conducted an interview with Softbank publishing in which he announced the company is currently working on an arcade game in conjunction with Square. While few details have surfaced as yet, Kayama has stated that "It's still in the planning stage, but we're working with Square on an AM project. It'll be something incredible, that can only be played at the arcades."

This statement has many people wondering just what it is the two companies are cooking up. Square has a number of fighting games under their belt, including Ergheiz and The Bouncer, and while an arcade RPG seems rather unlikely, the possibility nevertheless exists, especially since Kayama is hinting that this project is out of the ordinary. At this point, however, there is scant information to go on other than speculation, so it looks as though the gaming community will be held in suspense for a little while longer.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Madman's Cafe]
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