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October - December 2000

Final Fantasy X Details Wash Ashore 12.31.00
Rhapsody of Zephyr Release Date Pushed Back 12.30.00
Tsugunai Update 12.30.00
American Phantasy Star Online Server Information 12.30.00
Diablo II Ladder Update 12.29.00
Holiday Bustle at Sega 12.29.00
El Dorado Gate, Vol. 3 Update 12.29.00
Diablo II Ladder to be Reset 12.28.00
Emblem Saga Update 12.28.00
Sega Buyout Rumor Denied 12.28.00
Dragon Quest VII Granted Government Award 12.28.00
Rhapsody of Zephyr Release Date Set 12.27.00
Game Boy Advance Release Info 12.26.00
Xbox Specs Slimmed Down 12.26.00
Mainichi Interviews Yuji Naka 12.25.00
Shenmue Sequel Officially Named 12.24.00
More Anachronox Information 12.24.00
Xbox Delayed in Europe 12.23.00
Nintendo Shipping Game Cube Development Kits 12.23.00
Square Shows Video Footage of Final Fantasy X 12.22.00
Square Hints At Upcoming Final Fantasy X Announcement 12.21.00
Phantasy Star Online Meets With Difficulties 12.21.00
New Evil Islands Details 12.21.00
Dark Cloud Soundtrack Details Announced 12.21.00
Dragon Warrior Merchandise Survey 12.21.00
Classic Square Titles to be Ported to the PlayStation? 12.19.00
Arcatera Runs Aground 12.19.00
Elementary School Visits Final Fantasy Sound Studio 12.18.00
Phantasy Star Online Party Goes Off Without a Hitch 12.18.00
Angel's Present Information Discovered 12.17.00
Microsoft Announces Xbox Beta Tests 12.17.00
Sonic Team CEO Speaks About Phantasy Star Online 12.16.00
Shin Megami Tensei Receives Update 12.16.00
New Dragon Quest Monsters II Information 12.16.00
Square Reveals Jump Festival Plans 12.15.00
RPGamer Interviews Volition's Mark Allender 12.14.00
Square Responds to PlayStation2 Incompatibilities 12.13.00
Dragon Quest Monsters II Release Date 12.13.00
Final Fantasy II To Be Released Against Game Boy Advance 12.12.00
Grandia II Publisher Registers 12.12.00
New Popolocrois III Details 12.12.00
New Namco Strategic RPG Announced 12.12.00
Lunar 2 Delayed Due to Weather 12.12.00
Final Fantasy and WonderSwan Color Craziness 12.11.00
Atlus Releases Robopon: Sun Version 12.10.00
New Tsugunai Information 12.09.00
Beelzebub and I Release Date Announced 12.09.00
First Look at Magi-Nation 12.09.00
Sinister Games to Release Xbox RPG 12.09.00
Dragon Warrior III Officially Destined for North America 12.09.00
Nobuo Sakaguchi Honored by MMCA 12.08.00
Composer Announced for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 12.08.00
Sony Releases Playstation 2 Bug List 12.08.00
Free Skies of Arcadia Additions 12.08.00
Suikogaiden Vol. 2 Coming to Japan 12.08.00
Interview with Nobuo Uematsu 12.08.00
Shenmue to Hit the Big Screen in Japan 12.07.00
Interview with Yoshitaka Amano 12.07.00
Team Sonic to Hold Phantasy Star Online Release Party 12.07.00
New Data Storage Device For WonderSwan Color 12.07.00
Neverwinter Nights Co-Designer Interviewed 12.07.00
First Details on SD Gundam Hero 12.06.00
PlayStation 2 Webstore Scam Under Investigation 12.05.00
New Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack Album 12.05.00
Grandia II In Stores Now 12.05.00
Update on WonderSwan Final Fantasy Remake 12.05.00
Information Uncovered on Sagashi Ni Ikouyo 12.04.00
RPGamer's Interview with Working Designs 12.04.00
More Information on Pokémon Crystal 12.03.00
Enix Confirms Dragon Quest VIII 12.02.00
Square to Show at Jump Festival 12.01.00
Roger Ebert Previews Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 11.30.00
Press Conference Held for New Pokémon Movies 11.30.00
Breath of Fire IV In Stores Today 11.30.00
Final Fantasy X Theme Completed 11.29.00
Atlus Sets Eithéa Release Date 11.29.00
Star Wars Galaxies Gets Website 11.29.00
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete is Slightly Delayed 11.29.00
PS2 Getting Extra Capabilities 11.29.00
Phantasy Star Online North American Pricing Confirmed 11.29.00
Dragonriders Release Date Extended 11.28.00
More PlayStation 2 Madness 11.28.00
More Tales of Eternia Details 11.28.00
Skies of Arcadia 2 In Development? 11.28.00
Final Fantasy IX Art Book to be Released 11.28.00
SNK releases Nigeronpa 11.28.00
Final Fantasy X to Ship 3 Million Copies? 11.28.00
Legion: Legend of Excalibur Announced 11.28.00
Europe Gets Harvested 11.27.00
Final Fantasy Composer Speaks at Open Seminar 11.27.00
Grandia: Parallel Trippers Completed 11.27.00
Tales of Eternia Reaches Half a Million 11.26.00
Update on Sony's Beelzebub and I 11.26.00
Dates Announced for Spring Tokyo Game Show 11.26.00
Lunatic Dawn Tempest to be Released for PS2 11.26.00
Doki-Doki Densetsu: Magic Circle Guru-Guru released in Japan 11.24.00
PlayOnline Launch Pushed Back 11.24.00
Shin Megami- Tensei Devil Children: Red Book Released in Japan 11.23.00
Dark Cloud Promo Trailer 11.23.00
Shenmue 2 is Coming 11.21.00
Pokémon Stadium Gold/Silver Update 11.20.00
Takuyo Working on Dreamcast RPG 11.20.00
Global Folktale in Development by Idea Factory 11.20.00
Final Fantasy X Not Online-Capable 11.20.00
New Information on Upcoming GBC Zelda 11.20.00
Enix Releases Torneko: The Last Hope 11.18.00
Square Looks Ahead 11.17.00
Sega Gets Theatrical for Shenmue 11.17.00
Sega's Phantasy Star Online Hundred Thousand Reservation Campaign 11.16.00
Final Fantasy IX Now Available 11.14.00
Skies of Arcadia Released 11.14.00
Inside Final Fantasy IX Day 11.13.00
Enix Announces Sequel to Dragon Warrior Monsters 11.14.00
Phantasy Star Online Fees Revealed 11.13.00
Infogrames to Publish Square Titles in Europe? 11.13.00
Lunar 2 Package Contents Finalized 11.13.00
Victor Ireland Discusses Lunar 2 11.12.00
New Chapter of Siege of Avalon Now Available 11.11.00
Sega Shows Off Phantasy Star Online 11.10.00
Pool of Radiance Delayed Due to Buyout 11.10.00
New Interview with Grandia II Director 11.10.00
Final Fantasy Movie Trailer Due Nov. 14 11.09.00
Final Fantasy IX Launch Event 11.09.00
Sega Announces Dreamcast Smash Pack 11.09.00
Sony to Release Original Chinese RPG 11.09.00
New Titles in Square's Millennium Collection 11.09.00
Baldur's Gate II / PlayStation II Confusion 11.09.00
Sega Designs 3D RPG Creator for Dreamcast 11.08.00
UK PS2 Launch Supply Cut 11.08.00
Interplay Announces Baldur's Gate II for PS2 11.08.00
Shenmue Ships to Stores Nationwide 11.07.00
Shenmue Limited Edition and Suzuki Signing 11.06.00
Microsoft to Stand Behind Small Developers 11.05.00
Brownie Brown President Talks About Name, Game 11.03.00
King's Field IV Details Revealed 11.02.00
PS2 Shortage Complicated Further 11.02.00
New Information on El Dorado Gate Vol. 2 11.02.00
Release Date & Price for Dreamcast Broadband Adapter 11.01.00
Game Boy Mobile Adapter Delayed 11.01.00
Sega Reveals Turnaround Plan - Updated 11.01.00
Square Making Final Fantasy 2001 Calendar 11.01.00
Square Unleashes FFIX Campaign 10.31.00
Dark Eyes ~ Battle Gate Story Update 10.31.00
Bandai Field-Testing WonderSwan Color 10.31.00
Final Fantasy IX: Uematsu's Best Selection Tracklist Released 10.28.00
Torneko: The Last Hope Release Date Announced 10.28.00
Torneko: The Last Hope Release Date Announced 10.28.00
Square's Wild Card Gets Japanese Release Date 10.27.00
Updated Story Information for Seven: Lacemorse's Calvalryman Corps 10.27.00
English Version of Shenmue Complete 10.27.00
Nintendo Announces New N64 Release Schedule 10.26.00
Phantasy Star Online Limited Edition Cancelled 10.25.00
Summoner Arrives in Stores Nationwide 10.25.00
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Update 10.24.00
Phantasy Star Characters/Stages Described 10.24.00
Majora's Mask Arrives in Stores 10.24.00
Sakura Taisen Dreamcast System Announced 10.23.00
Pokémon Gold & Silver Shatter Sales Records 10.23.00
New Information on Digimon Adventure 02 10.22.00
Bandai Announces Wizardry for WonderSwan Color 10.22.00
Nintendo Power Offers Free Zelda with Subscription 10.21.00
Dark Eyes ~ Battle Gate for WonderSwan Color Announced 10.21.00
Capcom Plans November Release for Breath of Fire IV 10.20.00
Baldur's Gate Franchise Pushed Over $20 Million Mark 10.19.00
Dragon Warrior VII North American Bound 10.19.00
Namco's Dragon Valor Available 10.19.00
Square Announced as Microsoft XBox Developer? 10.18.00
More Phantasy Star Online Information 10.18.00
Bandai Announces SD Gundam Hero 10.18.00
Sega to Release Shenmue Special Edition 10.18.00
New Interview with Ephermal Fantasia Producer 10.18.00
Grandia 2 Release Date Confirmed 10.17.00
THQ Announces Delay for Aidyn Chronicles 10.17.00
Team XKalibur Closes Mythri Petition Drive 10.17.00
Early Shipment of PS2 Games 10.17.00
Nintendo Developing Cell-Phone Pokémon Adapter 10.15.00
Final Fantasy Movie Gets a New Subtitle 10.15.00
King's Field IV Announced for PS2 10.14.00
New Japanese Release Date for Popolocrois III 10.13.00
Front Mission Coming to WonderSwan Color 10.13.00
Pokémon Development Team Interview 10.13.00
Sega Lands Eternal Arcadia Inside Famitsu 10.12.00
Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2 Released in Japan 10.12.00
Summoner Prepares for Launch 10.11.00
Shadowbane Developers Speak in New Interview 10.11.00
Pokemon Gold and Silver Ship Early 10.11.00
Nintendo Announces Japanese Pokemon Crystal Release Date 10.10.00
Second Chapter of Siege of Avalon Now Available 10.10.00
New Information on SunSoft Tactical RPG 10.09.00
Pokémon Invade Fort Knox 10.09.00
Square Talks About Final Fantasy IX 10.09.00
Lunar 2: EB Release Date Confirmed! 10.08.00
Names of Gold/Silver Pokémon Released 10.08.00
Enix Announces Dragon Quest III Release Date 10.08.00
Enix Announces Dragon Quest III Release Date 10.08.00
Ogre Battle 64 Released 10.08.00
Rhapsody of Zephyr Announced for Dreamcast 10.07.00
Sakura Taisen 3 Delayed 10.07.00
Wolfpack Studios to Sponsor Shadowbane Contest 10.07.00
Special Version of Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack to see US Release 10.07.00
Square to Hold FF IX Day in San Francisco 10.02.00
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