Star Wars Galaxies Gets Website

Star Wars fans waiting patiently to explore the universe in a massively multiplayer RPG now have a place to voice their opinions and ideas on how the RPG should be created. LucasArts Entertainment Company, the publisher of the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Online RPG, has announced the game's official website, which should be unveiled tomorrow, November 30. The official Star Wars Galaxies website will be located at at that time. The website will feature three message boards and an FAQ. The message boards will range from a board for game-development queries to a board for "in-character" discussions.

Along with this announcement, LucasArts has confirmed Star Wars Galaxies as the brand name for their series of massively multiplayer online games. Yes, you read that right... it says "series." Though they have not concretely confirmed anything, LucasArts has expressed plans to produce continuations of Star Wars Online, much like those currently being produced for Everquest. No information on these continuations are available yet. No release date has been announced for Star Wars Online, but first-round testing should begin in late 2001.

by Justin Weiss    
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