Dragon Quest Monsters II Release Date

Following the recent announcement that Final Fantasy II for Bandai's WonderSwan Color will be released in March (in Japan), it seems that Enix's Dragon Quest Monsters II for the GameBoy Color will also be released in March (in Japan). The style of gameplay found in each title is drastically different; Final Fantasy II is a traditional RPG while Dragon Quest Monsters II plays much like the Pokémon games. Nevertheless, pitting these two handheld RPG juggernauts against one another should prove quite interesting.

It is still unknown whether or not Dragon Quest Monsters II will be released in North America. However, the previous installment in the series was released here to some success, so the likelihood of a North American release of Dragon Quest Monsters II is fair. Stay tuned to RPGamer for further word.

by Jimmy Avistetto    
Source: [Magic Box]
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