Sony Reveals New Popolocrois III Details

Sony Computer Entertainment has released some new information on another of their upcoming Playstation 2 RPGs, Popolocrois Story III. The game will use a new 'cell shading' technology, which displays 3D CG somewhat like a hand-drawn, animated cartoon. Popolocrois Story III is a direct sequel to Popolocrois II; the main character, a young prince, is the son of the hero of the earlier game, and the storyline takes place some fifteen years after the events of Popolocrois II.

Promising a story based on romance, friendship, and adventure, and boasting new graphics technology, Popolocrois Story III is a game that should be worth looking at. It is currently scheduled for Japanese release in Spring 2001, but there has been no North American release announced at this point.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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