Classic Square Titles to be Ported to the PlayStation?
Final Fantasy X

Square EA has mentioned that it is currently considering bringing two classic RPGs to North American fans. Should they decide to move ahead with this project, both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV may be available for the PlayStation as early as next summer.

Fans of these renowned titles will recall that each came out last year for the Japanese PlayStation. The re-release of Chrono Trigger was in November of 1999, while Final Fantasy IV was released earlier that year as a part of the Japanese Final Fantasy Collection, later discluded from the American release, which was changed to Final Fantasy Anthology. In their revisions, the games have each been enhanced from their original 16-bit versions, much of the new content coming in the form of FMV additions. Chrono Trigger now contains numerous anime cinemas, including a new ending which ties it directly into its sequel, while Final Fantasy IV is decorated with CG movies at its introduction and ending, similar to the other titles in the anthology.

The success of the North American Final Fantasy Anthology last year, as well as the shrinking PlayStation release schedule both greatly contribute to these considerations. Square also mentioned that the games, if made available, would be sold at a "discount price," similar to Sony's own collection of "Greatest Hits." However, before they commit to bringing these titles to North America, Square is interested in hearing from its fans, who can mail feedback to the company with their thoughts and opinions on the potential re-release of these classic titles. RPGamer will keep you updated on any decisions that are made.

by Matthew Wanlin
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